Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Trying to catch that break

For years now I've been searching for a break.  Wither it was blogging (there was a time where the news was full of people that where able to make a living with it), writing screenplays and submitting to contest such as Nick Writing fellowship and Amazon Studios, starting my own company (Graffiti On the Sun), putting out a poorly produced children's album and I've entered countless contest.

But they haven't really giving me the results that I've wanted. 

No I'm not talking about being rich from these things (though that would be great) what I've been hopping for is just to make a living off them. 

Part of me wonders if I should just keep going or give up on any dreams of making it in life and just keep working my day to day job trying to make ends meet.

Of course even though I'm not really making money I can't really see stopping making comics for my company or writing. 

So I guess I'm just going to keep on doing these things and come up with more things and maybe someday something will hit and I'll be able to make a living off it. 

Then again maybe not

Monday, December 10, 2012

Getting my ish together

If you read my blog you know that my family recently lost the family homestead.

And this was just the latest in a crappy 10 years I've gone through.

But as of today I'm turning things around and I decided to talk about my progress on my blog.

Last month I got a new job and today I just got my first paycheck.  Though it looks like I'm short a few hours and need to fix that.

I also need to contact a freelance job I did a month ago and I have yet to be paid for. 

Not really sure how I should handle this (I'm not much for confrontation)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

give the poor an income and things well be better

This is an interesting experiment, in the mid 70s where the small Canadian town made sure everyone had an minimum income. 

While the experiment was short lived the data should that giving people an income actually had good results. 

 During the GAI experiment, Dauphin had a dramatically lower rate of hospital admissions than similar communities in Manitoba.
 Its high-school dropout rate fell and stayed down for a generation.
 It had fewer accidents, serious injuries, arrests and convictions.
 Consultations for mental illness declined.
 And, contrary to policy-makers’ fears, people in Dauphin did not stop working or reduce their hours to get “free” money from the government.
“In all of the indicators I could find for quality of life, people did better,” Forget says.