Tuesday, May 29, 2007

rebuild New Orleans green

The other night (Monday) I was watching the Tavis Smiley show’s first part in a series on the victims of hurricane Katrina that have moved back to New Orleans to try and rebuild there lives. Watching people talk about the hard time they had getting things like power in their area I begin to wonder why there isn’t more being done not only to rebuild the city but to make it even better.

Now when I say make it better I don’t mean the way that many in the city fear, ie tearing down the mostly Black areas and either building housing that many of the original residents can’t afford or make it to boutique town. What I was thinking was to rebuild the city so house are more ecologically friendly.

Maybe I’m only thinking this because I noticed a lot news about green tech recently. But think about it, when this documentary was being filmed a lot of people where living in areas with no powers. It made me wonder what if people and companies got together to help rebuild peoples home with things like solar panels. People in areas that government doesn’t feel is populated enough to worry about trying to get energy to can at least generate their own.

Know if a company wonders why should install homes with any renewable energy set for free, the answer is simple. You can use the people that you give help to as public relations and also for advertisement. Your company will look really good if you can run ads saying “WHATEVER CO. helped the Jenkins family of New Orleans get the power they need to rest their lives” or something to that affect.