Friday, December 25, 2009

hmmm...yet another christmas

Well it's Christmas as of 25 minutes ago (as I write this)

It's odd how such a day that people try to make so joyous can be just the opposite.

I think it's because we are expect to put so much into the holiday.

It's nice to exchange gifts, you get a nice feeling when someone is happy with the gift you got them. But the fact that on this day someone is going to give you a gift, there can be pressure to try and get that person a gift as well.

Some may stress out trying to find the prefect gift others maybe down because they don't have enough money to get someone something.

Some of the later may go in debt because they just put everything on their credit card and they will be stressed all year trying to pay it off.

Christmas is also a time to be with loved ones, your family of course there maybe those you don't really want to see for one reason or the other.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

MC Frontalot gets eating by a Grue

I was looking for this song a while and randomly ran across it today. So I'm putting on my blog just because....

and I might as well put this up too