Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama's inaugiration speech ushers in a new era

watching Obama give his inauguration speech it, is clear that we are entering an era of change.

Not only because of the fact that America has now sworn in it's first Black president, but the words Obama spoke show that he will run much differently form the presidents before him in the last few decades.

if his words ring true we will see an America that works with other nations instead of against.

an America that will push for the environment. a nation that will not only be green but responsible for the resources it takes form this earth.

No longer will we let our economy run wild without regulations.

No longer are we in an era where the people running our government seem to loath the office and responsibilities they hold and demand government be smaller.

no instead we will enter an era where government looks and see how well they are running, it not about small or big governments it's about governments that work.

This looks to truly be a great day for the nation

Thursday, January 15, 2009

local press goes faux gangsta?

I came across this interesting article talking about the reporting about gangs in the city of Pontiac.

or to be correct the post really talks about how the city doesn't have what it calls a true gang problem.