Monday, August 28, 2006

Hey terrorist! no need for a jihad we can destory are selves. Thank you very much

with all the focus on terrorist it seems that the goverment has over looked some of the basic things need to run the country.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Out of control:

Last Wednesday ABC aired a news documentary on AIDS in the Black community. says this was the first national TV program (I guess they mean on broadcast TV, since there have been some on cable stations aimed at African Americans) on AIDS epidemic in African Americans.

Which would have been a good thing except as I watched I couldn't shake the feeling that this was just a new area wave around old stereotypes about Blacks. And in this cause that is of Black being over sexed animals.

I'm not sure where they got there information. But some of the stats they gave seemed really high. I'm not talking about the affection rate among African American I already know that high. It was things like when they talked about high much more Blacks are sexually active. I forget the number ( I want to say they said 14 times more) but it seem really high. It just make it seem that Black do nothing but have sex. Ok so as I type this I'm in the middle of an orgy...But that is not the point.

beside that it was the same old same old about the raise of AIDS among Black woman that if you watched, read, listen to any thing else that talked about AIDS among the African American community you would know.

I think the report (and many others that I've seen) focuses on African American women as it demonize Black men.

I think there may be a little to much focus on the Downlow. Because if the HIV rates among Black women are so high and the cause of the down low is (as these reports seem to say) the main cause then that means either

a) Every other Black man is really gay or bisexual and hiding it


b) Most Black women for really like gay/bisexual men

which is a bit hard to believe, but if most (60% primetime said) of the new causes are Black women then at least b is true or primetime's stats are a bit off.

of course if the numbers are so high for Black women then I would like to see them for Black men. It can't be 40% because there are other groups of people that still get AIDS/HIV

I think this was a long enough rant I may come back on it later though

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Just voted

I Voted... Did You?

I just got in from voting. For those who didn't do so yet you still have half an hour or more depending on the time zone your in as you read this (assuming your reading this when it was posted)

It was a nice day so I walked to the polling place but ran into a friend of my brother's when I was half way there and ended up with a ride.

Before I got into the polling place to vote I was hammered with people trying to get me vote for them or candidate. I ran into a guy I knew when I was a kid (yet he didn't hand me anything think fully) and some guy trying to get on as a write on.

Which brings to a big question. Why is this guy running as a write in? It doesn't seem to hard to run in a local election. Not to expensive.

Also the guy had no info about himself. He just handed a flyer with his name asking you to write it end. He had nothing stating where he stands on any issue. In fact this has been a problem with most of the people I've seen running. They'll give you a post card asking for you to vote for them but none of them say what they would (at least like/try to) do when they will get into office. I only saw two people with websites.

Dear people running in local elections give the people so F'ing info about you.

as I walked back home I ended up giving a crackhead a heart attack because she thought I was a cop.

well that's my 2006 primary voting story. What's yours?