Saturday, November 15, 2008

hey Adobe lower your prices

I was thinking about buying Adobe CS4 design program but man at $1,300 the programs in that package cost way to much money for me.

even if I just but the programs I want/need I will still end up paying about that much money.

maybe adobe should think about lowering it's prices for poor artist.

at the very least have a short of rent to own choices. so artist can pay a little at a time. though my luck if you did this by the time I finish paying CS5 will be out

Friday, November 07, 2008

OMG it just hit me...Obama won

I know, I know delayed reaction and all.

but the truth is is watching Obama win Tuesday I was mixed with emotions. on one hand i was glad that he won. Not only because he is, will be the first Black president but because he is the first person I voted for and won the presidency and will be going to the white house.

that last bit is the important part because, the emotion I had was that I was a afraid we would face another 2000 like event and the the news casters would take back that win and say the other guy had. it.

But now it is hitting me, it really happened and no one found away to take it back.

Barack Obama is the 44th Prez of the U.S.

I was watching a few news reports talking about Obama and a tear came rolling down my eyes. that didn't happen to me on Tuesday night, I was close but still now waterworks.

I'm still a bit in a daze over all this.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

MI ballet 08

I stole the ideal from Michael Dietsch's blog to do a blog post talking about all the people and issues that are on my state's ballet this year.

I did my best to search for site that had information on the people running. (with some exceptions like office where everyone running is a shoe into win giving that they are running in areas where every running will get a seat)

Barack Obama/Joe Biden for the Demoratic party

John Sidney McCain/Sarah palin 4 the Republicans

Cynthia McKinney/Rosa Clemente 4 the Green Party

Chuck Baldwin/Darrel Castle 4 the U.S Taxpayers party

Bob Barr/Wayne A. Root for he Libertarian party

Ralph Nader/Matt Gonzales for the Natural Law party.


United State Senator
Jack Hoogendyk Jr. (Republican)
Carl Levin (Democratic)
Harley G. Mikkelson (Green Party)
Michael N. Nikitin (U.S taxpayers)
Scotty Boman (libertarian)
Doug Dern (Natural Law)

Representative in Congress (9th District)
Joe Knollengberg (Republican)
Gary Peters (Democrat)
Douglas Campbell(Green)
Adam Goodman (Libertarian)
Jack Kevorkian (no party...holy crap Doctor Death is running for congress!!! of course no political party wants him)

Representative in state legislature
Scott E. Sampeer (republican)
Tim Melton (Democratic)

State Board

Member of the state board of education (pick 2)
Scott Jenkins (Republican)
Richard Zelle (republican)
John Austin (Democratic)
Kathleen Straus (Democratic)
Dwain Raynolds III (Green)
Karen Adams (US Taxpayers)
Bill Hall (Libertarian)
Jeff A. Steinport (libertarian)

Regent of the U of M (pick 2...and go blue)
Susan Brown (Repub)
John G. LaFond (republican)
Laurence B. Deitch (Democrat)
Denise Illtch (Democratic)
Ellls Boal (Green)
Richard Ryskamp (U.S taxpayers)
Joe Sanger (U.S Taxpayers)
Eric L. Larson (libertarian)
Kerry L. Morgan (libertarian)

Trustee of Michigan State University (no more then 2)
Lisa Bourchard (Repub)
George Scott Romney (Republican)
Dianne Byrum (Democratic)
Diann Woodard (Democrat)
Therese Marie Storm (Green)
Robert Gale (U.S taxpayers)
Crystal Van Sickle (U.S Taxpayers)
David A. Brown (Libertartian)
Joseph Roesenquist (libertartian)

Governor of Wayne State University (2)
Torian J. Bridges (republican)
Danialle Karmanos (republican)
Paul Massaron (Democratic)
Gary S. Pollard (Democratic)
Margaret Guttshall (Green)
Rick Butkowski (U.S Taxpayers)
Terry Halnes (U.S Taxpayers)
Dan Kelzer (Libertarian)
Nicole Michalak (libertartian)


Country Executive
L. Brooks Patterson (Republican)
Brenda Lawrence (Democratic)

Michael J. Bouchard (Republican)
Jane Bourdreau (Democratic)

Clerk/Register of Deeds
Ruth Johnson (Republican)
Shella Smith (Democratic)

Pat Dohany (Republican)
Andy Meisner (Democratic)

Drain Commissioner
John P. McCulloch (Elephant party)
Brett Nicholson (Donkey party)

County COmmissioner 10 district
Karen L. Toth (Republican)
Mattle McKinney Hatchett (Democratic)

Judical ...or here come the judge

Justice of Supreme Court (1)
Robert W. Roddis
Cliff Taylor
Diane Marie Hathaway

Judge of Court of appeals 2nd district (pick 3....wait there are only 3 people running they must be happy about the fact that they are all going to win again)
Mark J. Cavanagh
E. Thomas Fitzgerald
Henry William Saad

Judge of Court of Appeals 2nd district (1)
Elizabeth L. Glelcher (only person running so we know that L can't stand for loser)

Judge of Circuit Court (5) is there a reason to care about this 5 people running and there 5 spots
James M. Alexander
Martha D. Anderson
Nanci Grant
Shallna D. Kumar
Rudy J. Nichois

Judge of Circuit Court 6th Circuit non-incumbents(2)
David Carl Anderson
Mary Ellen Brennan
Lisa Gorcyca
Thomas E. Kuhn

Judge of Circuit court 6th circuit incumbet
Leo Bowman

Judge of probate court non-incumbent
Mark Frankel
Daniel A. O'Brien

Judge of District court 50th district incumbent postition
Michael C. Martinez
Cynthia T. Walker

Judge of district court 50th district non-incumbent
Ronda Fowlkes Gross
Richard Terrell Taylor

Community College

Community college board of trustees members (2)
Timothy Terpening
Phillip J. Abraham
Shirley J. Bryant
Sandra L. Ritter
Carlyle Fielding Stewart

community college board of trustees member partial term ending in 2011
Debble Macon
Christopher P. Maloney
Thomas Patrick Sullivan
Sherry Cormier Kuhn


Prop 1
Medical Marijuana.

Prop 2
should Michigan allow stem cell research?