Friday, November 07, 2008

OMG it just hit me...Obama won

I know, I know delayed reaction and all.

but the truth is is watching Obama win Tuesday I was mixed with emotions. on one hand i was glad that he won. Not only because he is, will be the first Black president but because he is the first person I voted for and won the presidency and will be going to the white house.

that last bit is the important part because, the emotion I had was that I was a afraid we would face another 2000 like event and the the news casters would take back that win and say the other guy had. it.

But now it is hitting me, it really happened and no one found away to take it back.

Barack Obama is the 44th Prez of the U.S.

I was watching a few news reports talking about Obama and a tear came rolling down my eyes. that didn't happen to me on Tuesday night, I was close but still now waterworks.

I'm still a bit in a daze over all this.

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