Friday, December 30, 2005

U of M no longer selling coke

The University of Michigan is no longer going to carry coke cola products on it's campus.

the reason is because coke cola has bad labor practices in India and Colombia.

"The student group accused Coca-Cola of draining the water table in India, causing farmers' crops to go dry; distributing bottling plant sludge containing contaminants to Indian farmers as fertilizer; selling products that contain pesticides in India; and conspiring with paramilitary "

Yeah that does sound like some really bad labor practices.

Go Blue

Thursday, December 29, 2005

mtv's Shook Ones: hypermasculinity and stupidity in a year of hip-hop

I was flipping the channels the other day and ran across a special on MTV in which they reviewed this year (2005 for those reading at a later date) in the world of hip-hop.

After watching this I want to give rapper Jim Jones the nomination for the dumbest negro on the air award. Mainly for his comment about wanting to see the day when rapper beef, when two or more rappers talk have a dispute with each other, escalating into people killing each other.

To bad none of the other panel members told him how stupid he was for making that comment. Closes we got was rapper Remy Ma's quick head turn after made the comment.

Doesn't he remember Biggie and Tupac?


a bit later in the show they talked about about comments producer/rapper Kanye West said about rappers should stop bashing gays in their songs and the fact that because he grew up in a single mother house hold he ended up acting a bit more feminine growing up.

These comments brought up more then a bit of anger among Bruce Banner and Jim Jones.

Banner says there are some things you just shouldn't talk about.

while Jim Jones states he is offended about the comment Kanye West saying that because his growing up in a household ran by a woman that he grew up feminine. Mr.Jones Thinks that because he grew up in similar situation and didn't feel he grew a bit feminine that Kanye West experience is bullshit.

Methinks he (Jim Jones) doth protest too much

I'm not really sure what made Jim Jones so angry. Is it the ideal that a boy growing up would take on the mannerism of those adults around him and in a case where one grows up with a father figure it more likely that the boy would pick up characteristic that are thought as as being more feminine then masculine.

It's not that big of a shock, that this sometimes happens. Hell even Tupac (to many a thug he is a god) said that because he grew up with only his mother he took on some feminine mannerism.

or maybe it the misbelief that if a man shows any sings of "feminine" got to be gay.

It could easily be both.

I think that the problem is that people set little boxes on the way they think people should act. So people act the way they think they should act and negatively react to those they see not acting the way they think they should.

When looking in terms of Feminine and Masculine it ends up that most people have a list things they think are manly or girly.

The problem is that real people can't be put into a box. Sure someone may step more into on set of categories then the other. But realistically a person is going to fall into a bit of both.

Those that try to mode themselves into only one box end up being a cartoonish version of whatever they are trying to be. Which now that I think about it maybe the reason why hip-hop may be so hypermasculine and hyperthuggy. It's because it is full of a bunch of people who are not acting like real men but acting like they think a man should act.

and that maybe why when Kanye said he picked a few mannerism from his mom he made Jim Jones so angry. He challenged Jones' ideal of the way a man/boy should act and maybe even challenged the way he acts.

ok that enough crappy pop physiology for today

Monday, December 26, 2005

Victory! The war on Christmas ends

The long fought battle against the evil anti Americans who want to destroy Christmas has finally ended.

Yes yes the long battles that have been going on for the past few months are finally over. No longer do we have to fear the horror and bloodshed that we have all grown to know to well.

Fear ye not, you can now go shopping without fear of being attacked by some overly culturally sensitive person greeting you with a Happy Holidays instead of the correct greeting of Merry Christmas.

I'm still a bit shell shock of all the horrors I've seen this month. I still wake up at nights in horrors of what I have seen and what I had to do in these troubling times.

For example I can still see the face of the elderly man I had to kill after he attacked me in a walmart with his words of happy holidays. Said this poor genital man in the twilight of his life had to end. He probably had a wife or girlfriend just like any of the boys on our side. He'll he may even have had kids or grandkids.

But it's over now. The best thing we can do as a nation is get together and rebuild.

It may take some time before we can become at ease. But for the time being it looks like we will be safe, we saved Christmas form being destoried. The only thing that we might have to worry about is if the Jews and Negros decide to join forces and celebrate their holidays at the same time this year. An axis of unChristmasness if you will.

*for those with low IQs this post is made in jest (that means This is a joke)

Friday, December 23, 2005

Trading Spouses: meet your new insane fundie

I saw this clip for the show trading spouses.

The ideal of the show hasn't appealed to me so I never watched, but I wish I saw this episode. At the very least to see what set this lady off.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Monday, December 19, 2005

Hip hop videos sexploitation

I was watching a special on VH1 about sexism in rap music videos. Which is a fact that can’t really be denied.

The only problem I had was that the show spent to much time on woman that where exploiting themselves. I’m mainly talking about the shows focus on the females that went around and whored themselves to the rappers, clicks, and whatever. It was mainly this woman nicked name Super-head that ruined the special for me, for those that don’t know super-head was a video girl that sleep around with many rappers and their clicks and recently wrote a book about that time in her life. It really hard to feel sorry for someone who willing sleep around with people and then later wrote a book about it.

The special also had the video girls/models talking about the video hoes. The later are the women that will sleep with rappers, clicks or cast directors either because they think that will get them the part or because they just want to get closer to the rapper. This is a problem for the former because there seems to be so many video hoes that the men working on video treat all the women working in the video like the would the ho. Not that the plethora of video hoes is no excuse on the guys part to treat women the way they do.

I sympathies for poor work conductions these women (the video girl/models, not the video hoes) have to go through. Like the woman that said she was trap in a corner by director with his dick out. I felt real bad for her. But these ladies stories where mixed in with the video hoes trying to drum up sympathy with their tails.

Though I favored the video girls/models points there where a few that I had time as seeing as sexism in the hip-hop music video industry. The main one was a few of the women complained about being asked to dance during the casting call. Giving the fact that they are trying to work in a music video and most video have people dancing I would think that it kind of odd that they would get mad when ask to dance. I mean I can understand getting upset if you where asked to dance on a job interview for telemarketing or something but not a music video. I don’t thank that part is sexist maybe the real problem is that when people place ads for video models they should mention if the job is dancing or non-dancing.

Oddly even though this was a type of music video that many of the video girls/models and a director said was the worst, most sexist of all videos. I found that the part of the show when they talked to the women that where in an uncut video seemed just as professional then the video girls (you know not the ones sleeping around). They were all strippers at a club, yet non of them seemed to fall into the video hoe category. They were also the only group that wasn’t screaming about being exploited for sex and yet they may have been the most exploited. It’s not because they showed the most skin and shaked a lot more ass then the other women. But because they said they didn’t get paid.

Maybe it just me but I also think that the uncut video do less harm due to the fact that they are on so late not as many people watch them and more importantly little kids are very unlikely to catch it since they should be asleep.

Speaking about little kids I would have liked if this special went more into the effects of little kids watching music videos. I think that is where the biggest problem in music video sexism lies. Although I think it’s bad that the women working in the videos have to go throw so much crap, I think it’s worse that little girls can develop low self of steam and boys devalue women because of these video (along with a slue of other factors in life and the media).

Friday, December 16, 2005

Ethnic self hate, the quest to reach for White Beauty

The other day I was watching a documentary on AZN about Asian women wanting plastic surgery to make them look more western (ie White).

The basic reason these women gave to why they wanted to change the way they looked is because they want to fit the Westernized standard of beauty. The reason why they want to fit more into the mode of western Whiteness may either be because they have been bombard with the ideal beauty pushed by the media or even because someone or people in there family push it onto them.

As I was watching this I realized that the ideal that the ideal beauty takes on more Caucasian characteristics is something that looms over many people and can have a strong effect on the self image of non-whites.

For example I know from an African American perspective that there have been in the past whole industries of products made to make on look whiter. Any thing form lye used to burn hair straight to skin lighting creams (which I remember reading a few years ago that similar products are being used in Africa). In fact even today there are Blacks who use plastic surgery to change their noises or lips.

And thinking about that something else hit me. Even thought the media mostly pushes whiteness as the standard of beauty it sometimes also absorbs little bits of characteristic of other ethnic groups. So although you get a Black person who want thinner lips, because they want to look more Caucasian, you also have White person want to fuller lips. Something that is more characteristic of people of African descent.

So now I am wondering does this mean that there are going to be a number of non-Asians wanting to look Asian. So as where the women in the doc wanted to get a fold placed in their eyelids to look more western, will there also be a number of people not of Asian descent wanting to get the folds removed from their eyelids so they look a bit more “exotic”.

If this isn’t happening already I would bet that it is only a matter of time that it does.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Tookie Williams dies

Stanley "Tookie" Williams was put to death today.

This is something I have mixed emotions about. I'm not for the death penalty, mainly for two reasons. First of which I don't care monstrous of an act someone does we are only going down to there level if we just kill them. We could just easily lock them a way for ever so they are not left out to harm people in society. Second is that the legal system is fallible and sometimes the wrong person goes to jail.

Now Tookie is far from innocent. Even if he didn't murder the four people he was convicted for as he says he didn't (note I am not saying he didn't, just that he claims to be innocent) he was a co-founder of the cripes gang. A group that has done there part to kill countless people.

But even though Tookie was far from being an angel, he did began to change his ways. Around 93 he started writing children books which themes where to teach kids not to follow in the same footstep he walked. He also brokered a peace between the gang he founded (the cripes) and the bloods.

And although these things don't make up for what he did, at least Mr. Williams is doing something that will help stop other form doing the same things he did. Which I think clear shows that he had more value to society alive then dead.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Banana condom

Because it is always best to be safe.
Plus they come ribbed for her pleasure

Monday, October 31, 2005

Friday, October 28, 2005

Bunk on Katrina aftermath

Here is an interview with actor Wendell Pierce who plays Bunk on HBO's The Wire talks about Katrina and his show in an interview for Baltimore City Paper.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

School bans blogs

Pope John XXIII Regional High School has banned the use of blogs and sites like or freindster. In the school or at home.

The reasoning sound like they are doing for a good reason. A student was talking to some through her site and it ended up being an adult. The question is, is forcing the ban at the students home life stepping on there free speech rights.

Maybe what needs to be done is the school/parent's drill into the kids head that you don't want to meet people you talk online in real life because 9 time out of 10 they are creepy. Instead of not allowing them the right to express them selves and talk about things important to them like how life sucks or how much they wub 50cent...

wait a minute maybe this ban is not such a bad ideal.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Bush taking it out on those around him

I guess the pressures of being the worlds number one #uck up is getting to him as early this week it was reported by people in the whitehouse that Bush has been taking his anger out on those around him.

It says he is trying to pass the blame on everyone else (wait isn't that the blame game?) except himself. But he is the only one to blame. He's the president and buck stops there. If he doesn't like how thing turned out then that's his bad. He planted the seeds that are now barring fruit, he let out the chickens (chicken-hawks?) that are coming home to roost.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Rosa Parks dies

I just caught on the news that civil rights leader (best known for her refusal to give up her set for a white man that set of the Montgomery bus boycotts) Rosa Parks has passed away.

Renee Jackson, The daughter of Janet Jackson and DeBarge?

The rumor (I'm not going to say it fact since right now it's just he said/she said with out the she) recently broke that Janet Jackson and James DeBarge have an 18 year old daughter. The child is reported to have been raised by Janet's older sister Rebbie.

I guess there is shock that Janet has a daughter. But giving the fact that Janet kept her marriage to DeBarge private at the time it's not to surprising that she would keep any children that came form that marriage private.

It is interesting to see how fair people will go to keep an image. Janet's marriage and now we know daughter where hidden from public view to keep her virginal image. Yes that right I knew with Janet's more sexualized image people forget that when she was starting out her image was cute and sweat and not sexy and raunchy. And both the marriage and the birth of the baby would have happened between the time of "lets wait awhile" and rhythm Nation, ie when she was still going for the announcing girl image.

I do have to say that I think it was a punk ass move on Young DeBarge (James' brother) for making this info public. If either the parents and/or the daughter released this info that would have been different matter.

I just hope that Renee Jackson know who her parents really where before this news broke because if not that has to be one hell of a shocker and crappy way to find out. Image if your listening to the radio or reading a news site and find out you where lied to about how your parents are.

Friday, October 21, 2005

The happiest mug shot I ever saw (Tom Delay)

Is it me or is the smile Tom Delay is giving in his mug shot a bit creepy.

Why is he smiling, my guess he is thinking "ha ha you may have caught my money laundering but at least you didn't find those bodies in my yard"

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Supreme Court for dummies

Funny this review was posted on Amazon

WHEW - Good thing you guys have express shipping, sometimes you have to bone up on con law!, October 19, 2005
Reviewer: Harriet M. (shh!) (White House but not for long!) - See all my reviews
I got this book JUST IN TIME!!! It is COOL!! The Greatest!!! It might be the BEST SUPREME COURT BOOK EVER!! And I bet I am the FIRST WOMAN ever to own it! Trailblazing!

Who knew that Starry Decisis wasn't a galaxy!! This book is filled with goodies like that! I'm not much of a reader, but I am as lucky to have this book as Texas was to have George Bush! I hope Brownback and Leahy haven't read this, so I can surprise them with some of the best bits in my big hearing next month!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

How do you stop the youth from taking drugs?

easy you point out that taking drugs is something that the old people do.

Game tap looking a little dry

About a month I listed an article about that mentioned the need for the video game industry to have new system for selling games. It was mentioned an online system where some could down load games maybe a good ideal.

so enters Gametap. For a monthly fee ($14.95) GAMETAP allows you to play any game in it library.

They already have a few big name companies putting their old games out on this system. Plus they are have gotten some media coverage (it was shown on G4's Attack of the show) and they already have media campaign (I saw a commercial for it a few days ago). So this may be an ideal that is poised to work.

I say may because looking at the games they have up right now there is much I want to play or at least seeing paying 15 bucks a month for when I could get them cheaper. This something I will I will keep an eye on because they are just starting out and so I am sure they will have many more games coming out for them.

Thought I am wondering about this system business model. How are the game developers making money from this site? Is gametap paying the companies a licensing fee, IE they pay the company x amount a month/year to have the games on the gametap site. Or maybe each game gets a percentage on the profits based on how many times it get played.

I mainly wonder about that because I wonder if this company's model would work for developers to make new games for GAME TAP.

At the moment it looks like a dumping ground companies to put up their old games. Which is cool since there is a market for those who would like to play those games. I know I would (it just like I stated above they don't have enough I want to play yet) but having new game would be a good draw for many people.

If the money is right I could see this system as a great way to smaller/medium developers to put out games in a market that is getting harsher and harsher on games that don't make it big in the stores.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Cool article on the importance game innovation

So this blog article on the importance of innovation in the video game industry is in making sure the market keeps growing by keeping non hardcore gamers (and turing some of them into the next crop of hardcore gamers).

Race riot or poor city planning

So it seems that over the weekend Toledo, OH had a small race riot.

It all started when the National Socialist Movement (aka neo-NAZI)planned to march in a Toledo neighborhood.

Now the mayor of Toledo stated that this hate group has a right to march. Which is true but usually with groups like this the city has them march in an area that wouldn't cause to much problems, ie somewhere out of the way.

Now when any group of this type does a march/protest you our going to end up with a bunch of people that will counter protest. In this case by the articles I've read this group of counter protesters happened to contain gang members.

It seems that there was some scuffle, some there something at the nazi and may have hit some of the police officers.

Now unknown to the people that came to protest against the hate group, the nazi march was cancelled, the nazi that where there left. Now you would think the police would have used this fact to disburse the crowd. All they would have to do is get someone a bullhorn and say something like "The nazi our gone, everyone please disburse" instead they released tear gas into the crowd.

Then the riots broke out.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Black people don't care about George W Bush...Ah...Is that really news?

It's been recently announced that only 2 percent of African Americans approve of President Bush. Sounds a bit high to me but I guess there must be a margin of error in there somewhere.

Of course to me the real shock isn't that Bush's approval rating is so low among Blacks. It way is it still so high among everyone else (45 percent of whites and 36 percent of Hispanics)

Friday, October 14, 2005

Jack Thompson creates video games

Jack Thompson, a guy who has been a long time critic of the video game industry has said he will give $10,000 to the head of Take-Two Interactive (the distributors of GTA) Paul Eibeler's charity of choice if any game company makes a game in 2006 that follows his (Thompson) story line.

A teenager kills another teen because he played to many violent video games.

The father goes on a killing spree after trail of his son's murder.

The father goes to Take Two's offices and kills a lot of people as he is looking for Eibeler.

He then goes to Philly to kill the people that worked at the law firm Take Two uses.

With the FBI on his tail he attacks the Gamewerks chain of arcades.

Then the characters goes to chain stores where he kills the employee staff and bitches how they need to check ID's.

and then tops it off at E3 where the character goes and kills as many video game execs as he can.


All I have to say is PLEASE SOME VIDEO GAME COMPANY MUST MAKE THIS GAME. IF done right you'll get a tri-fector of raising money for a charity, making a game that is sure to get alot of publistity and it will piss Thompson of even more if someone actually made this game.

Also the E3 level will be a great level to jam as many spoof of the game industry as possible.

Nuclear terrorist road trip: The attack of Al Cutie

ABC’s new program Primetime ran a report last night showing how easy it would be for terrorist to enter many of the nuclear research facilities housed at many universities. The only weapons they would need is charm, looks and youth.

The experiment took groups (of two) made of college student or recent graduates and had them check out a nuclear reactors that can be found on many college campuses and see if they could get in.

As the test showed not only could these students get into the building with the nuclear reactor in a number of cases they where able to get near the core of the reactor.

The schools mostly tired to play it off and say that those nuclear reactors are well guarded. The NRC tried to do the same thing but after the spokes person looked at some of the film footage he slowly began to change his tune and admit that at least he was at least worried about some of them.

What was really sad was that one of the schools tried to blame the ABC primetime investigators instead of admitting their own lack of security. They said that it was unfair that they sent a bunch of flirtatious women around to use their evil feminine whiles or some crap to that ilk.

I know it this piece was supposed to a scare to the viewers but when this started out I could help but to find it little funny. In a oh my god we are all goina die short of way. Of course by the time it hits you that the only one school (university of new Mexico) actually had decent security (they locked the doors and didn’t allow the investigators to have an unscheduled tour) it began to get a little scary.

To be fare I admit I may have made a few mistakes that the guys working in the nuclear labs made (expcially with the first pair of women). It doesn’t always take much to get a nerd to let his guard down a cute face and smile and/or showing a little interest in something and there you go. But I don’t work in a nuclear lab and I would expect a bit more security in one.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

When cops go wild

Robert Davis, the 64 year old retired elementary schoolteacher that was attacked by a vicious gang of cops, has released a statement yesterday that he was not drunk as the police said. In fact he claims that he hadn't had a drink in 25 years.

The reason this raises interest is that the thugs that call themselves "lawmen" stated that the reason they beat him was that he was drunk and believed to be violent. Even if the man was drunk from what one can tell from the video there where no signs of him being violent and what those officers did was uncalled for.

Both Davis and the police department say that race wasn't a reason for what happened. But I'm going to have say that most likely it played a role in what happened.

In the video I link to it was reported that one of the officers said that they had been trapped there for months and have been doing what they can to stay a live.

Maybe these officers where too stressed out and handled this situation really badly.

It could be a combination of the two. If race played a factor in this. The fact that the N.O officers have recently been is such a stressful situation would only amplify reactions that these officer may have if they had any racial bias.

I hope it's not coming of as I have something against the police but is seems to me that most people forget that the police are human. Being human the men and women on the police force our prone to the same short comings as everyone else.

I'm surprised that many people don't realize this. Besides "oh, that was terrible" most of the reactions I seen this story have either been "F the police" or "the police are always right and this guy must of done something" I just don't understand how people could have such a simple view of the world.

Being people you are going to have good and bad police officers. Just as you are going to have good or bad people working as lawyers, IT, waiters, priest, doctors, teachers or anything else. And with or with out a badge from the actions of these "cops" are scum.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

War is never any smurfing good

The UNICEF of Belgium has teamed up with the owners of the smurf to make a PR commerical showing the horrors of war.

In the commerical we witness the bombing of a smurf village.

although I've looked I haven't found any video of this on the net. I know it may be a bit twisted of me but I want to see it.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Bush dipping back into fear

With Bush's approval rating down to 39% is the reason why we are again getting news of terror attacks.

I'm not saying Bush is causing them, just the way they are getting handled and spinned in the media. Example: saying that the military will be used encase that the avian-flu somehow passes to people and have an outbreak (who that a lot of if, I just hope the military is order to shoot sick people on sight).

Bush's approval ratings where at their highest when we where still in a daze of terror due the events of 9/11. Which was prolonged by creating and terror warning system and every so often raising it.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Shoot Frist? Black people stay the hell away from Flordia!

new law in Florida allows people to shoot people if they believe they may be attacked.

The people of are warning people to be careful when they go to Florida. Mainly due to the fear of people over reacting to things like a car crash or something.

But what has me worried about this law is that I can see a lot of innocent people being killed due to race. A lot of white people get very nervous when they see a Black person walking around a night (hell even in the day) because they automatically assume that the Black person is going to mug or rape them. Usually this just leads to people quickly running to the other side of the street or women clutching their purses/moving it the opposite side of the Black person.

But with this law I am fearful that we are going to see a lot of Black men getting shot down because a lot of these fearful white people may be quick to pull out a gun and shot someone because they "think" they maybe harmed.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I'm falling for bush

Fun little web game (and I'm using the term loosely) where the Prez is falling

if you get stuck you can move push with your mouse

Monday, October 03, 2005

OJ ten years

I was listening to the radio and they where talking about the the OJ Simpson trial, due to this being the 10 year anniversary.

all I have to say is let it go people. It's been 10 years.

oh and it should be finally known to the public that not every Black person though he was innocent but the combo of seeing the mishandling of the DNA and the racist cop lead many to have doubts of his guilt, while it seemed many white (or at least the media) where all gung-ho on his guilt.

also Black people where tired of hearing the news making this a race issue.

No books allowed

After my mother birthday party yesterday my mother told me (that at least it's rumored)that the Mayor of Pontiac, MI (my home town) is planning on closing the city libraries and also getting rid of the librarians in the public schools.

The horror

it was bad enough that they where poorly funded but shut them down. What does the Mayor have a problem with people reading?

Saturday, October 01, 2005

I'm spicy...ok not really


What herb are you?
brought to you by

DS9 Saddam connection

I was watching a documentary on the history channel (Saddam’s doctor an inside story) where a doctor talks about Saddam and released something his name is Dr. Basir.

That's right the name of the doctor on star trek deep space nine.

Friday, September 30, 2005

Sequential gamers it’s always greener on the other side

I was reading an article on the escapist magazine (which I found via Penny-Arcade) that was talking about the current business model of the video game industry is destroying smaller developers and creativity, when something struck me. In the article Costikyan states that one of the problems of the video game industry is that video game industry is lacking a fan base that buys more independent artistic products like the movie and comic book industries and games need a market to sell those types of games like the other two industries have.

The reason why this statement stuck out is being a fan of comic books and reading comic book message boards and many in the comic industry are envious of the success of the video game market. You see while everyone is talking about how the video game industry has boomed (the video game industry is now making more money then the movie industry) the comic industry is very far past it’s apex. So both industries need what the other has at the moment.

It also should be noted that the smaller comic book publishers in a similar position as the video game industry in the terms of retail. Both the majority of retailers focus most of there effort of the bigger selling titles (that more then like come from the bigger companies).

The biggest advantage (maybe more so then the comic shop since the game industry does have a few stores that only or mostly sales games) that comics have over the video game industry maybe the fact that they are much cheaper to produce then video games. So they don’t need to sell as much to a profit as the video game company does. If it cost some where around 10 to 20 million to make a graphic novel I would bet that the smaller publishers would be in the same spot as the smaller game developers. Because most of the comic fans stuck to the big two publishers and many retailers keep most if not all of their focus on those companies.

*Hmmm I wonder if a number of retailers popped up that focused on the indy games and comics would they do well and would they have any effect on helping both markets. I could see cross over in both markets.

Killing Black Babies will Lower Crime?

Bill Bennett has state that"aborting black babies will lower crime" on his radio show.

ok, it is even scary that some on would think about something like this.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Two cute drawings

I thought I would post some drawings I did the other day.

ok they are the same drawings but the last I added a mouth do to the fact that when I looked at the first picture my mind kept going back and froth as seeing the characters noise as a mouth then as a nose again.

I guess the mind just expects to see a mouth when it looks at drawing of a face.

but maybe it was just me.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

I'll judge myself

Michael Brown has been rehired by FEMA to help figure out what went wrong when HE was in charge.

Why is fema wasting tax payer's money? This guy part of the problem why have him be part of the council that is looking into the wrong doings, It seems way to easy for him to hide his mistakes and blame it all on the Louisiana.

The next thing you know I'm going hear on the radio that Brown says he is doing a wonderful job...oh wait to late.

I can't believe this ish.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Ronnie Harris speaks.

at there is an interview with the mayor of Gretn (ronnie harris). For those who don't know Gretn was the city that didn't let any of the victims of Katrina from entering it's town. It kind of gives a human face to someone that did something that many would like to see as being inhuman.

What sticks out to me in this interview is the fact that he doesn't feel what he did (having his city's police guarding the bridge and forcing people to live in the flooded city at gun point) as wrong.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

who's in control

Nintendo has reviled what the controller for their up coming game system would look like.

all I have to say is...It's a f'ing remote control?!


I can over that but the fact that the D-pads is on the remote along with the action buttons makes it look like it would be hard to play games. For years (most of my life) I have been use to playing game where the controller needs both hands (one for the d-pad on for the other buttons). I'm having a hard time picturing that d-pad being useful. With the analog stick attachment and the fact uses light gun tech I guess that may not problem to move around.

Friday, September 16, 2005

awww yeah Boooyyyyyyyyyeeeee

As reported on the beat rap group Public Enemy is releasing a graphic novel/CD.

It rare that both the hip-hop head and the nerd in me both get happy over something.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The sell of fear

In the last few years, I have noticed a small trend in commercials. And that is using a state of fear to sell their product or message. Which if you ask me is a trend that is in very bad taste.

I think the reason that these types of ads have appeared is that as a nation we are still in a state of fear since 9/11. We are still jumpy over the ideal that we could be attacked again at anytime. Just the other day they're where many people thinking that the power outage in LA was due to a terrorist attack (and two years ago people thought the same thing when the power was taken out on the east coast). Thought it may just be that I have just started to notices these types of ads around that time.

The first ones I've notice where P.As on what people can dencasese of a terrorist attack. They basically just had the former head of Homeland Security just talking.

By it's very nature this ad will tap into our nations fears. If it was just that I wouldn't really think any thing about them, but it gets worst, there are also a number of ads that use fear and or the fear of children to get their point across.

For example, there are the more recent Homeland Security P.As that have a bunch of kids asking questions about what to do in the event of a terrorist attack. Now besides the fact that really there is much we can in the event of a terrorist attack, it puts out something that will cause little kids to be afraid. So, you are now forced to tell your kid in the case of a really critical terrorist attack we are fucked.

Currently there is an ad in the same format (kids asking what they should do in the case emergency) but itÂ’s selling car insurance or an on-star like service or something of the like.

And commercial of horror that gets the prize is an ad for pet medicine. Yep that right they are trying to scare us into buying meds for your little pet. The ad features a mother, her son and their dog. The dog makes a little whimpering sound and the boy looks up at his mother and says what wrong with sparky? The camera then focus on the mother as doom music plays. An announcer then says, "don't let this happen to you buy such and such"

Now I don't know about anyone else but these ads don't make want to go out and buy their products. In fact I may avoid those products (and warnings) because of those ads.

I just really wonder do these ads work? I remember reading a report that a good percentage of America are overly fearful maybe these types of ads work on them.

Bush mans up

Bush is actually taking responsibility for screw up in the Katrina aftermath.

wow I did a double take when I heard this. Bush has been noted for NOT taking responsibility for his mistakes. I guess he isn't 100% arse. I am glad that he is taking some responsibility in what started out as a horrible recovery effort.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Say good by to your guns

The Louisiana branch of the NRA has posted an article on the fact that New Orleans authority are taking the guns of everyone still in the Big Easy.

And now we are going to get a while new group of people that are pissed off about the aftermath of Katrina.

Smart PR move people.

Gulf war III

It's been report that blackwater, a paramilitary company, has been hired by the both the Louisiana and US government to handle security in the NO region.

All I have to say is... IS THIS FOR REAL? And if so WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY THINKING?

I looks on their site and it seems to be real

Blackwater USA responds to the call for assistance in the Gulf

September 01, 2005
This morning (September 1, 2005),
Blackwater USA joined the ongoing relief effort in the Gulf Region devastated by
Hurricane Katrina by dispatching a SA-330J Puma helicopter to help assist in
evacuating citizens from flooded areas.
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Erik Prince stated, “At this time, all Americans should band together and assist
our countrymen who have been struck by this natural disaster.”
The following
services are available:
Airlift Services
Communication Support
Crowd Control
Humanitarian Support
Logistics and Transportation Services
Anyone having a security
or evacuation request may call(252) 435-2488. All requests shall be prioritized
and acted upon as quickly as possible.

These are the same people that have been hired in Iraq.

So has the united states declared war on the people in New Orleans?

Since this company is called blackwater and not whitewater does that say Bush does care about Blacks? I mean if he was racist he would have hired a company with a different name right? ok bad joke, but it does seem Bush is really trying to prove the Kanye was right

Friday, September 09, 2005

Chappelle's Show Season 3

with a new host?


the blame game song

The new number one song in America


The horrors of Katrina just don't seem to stop.

reading this article it seems that there where people who tried to leave New Orleans during the flooding only to be stopped (at gun point) by the police force of the surrounding towns.

Brown sent packing

Machael Brown has just be relieved of his duties dealing with Katrina. It's a bit late, but still good news.


As I was watching one of the many news shows that are talking about hurricane Katrina and how/if it could have been prevented it was mentioned the effects of the lost wetland do to development play in this. Which was something I never really thought about.

As we lose more and more wetland we also loose a natural buffer that help lessen the amount and severity of hurricanes that come in. Which made me release as important it is for people to give as much as they can to help the victims of Katrina, we also need to be a little more aware about are wetlands and do what we can to help make sure they are still around.

The way I'm seeing is that we should do everything we can do to help the victims of Katrina but we should also do as much as we can to make it less likely that we'll have to go through something like this more often.

so I would like to point out these sites.

a click-charity site to help save marine wetlands, for those that don't know. Click charities are sponsored by advertisers that pay the charity for every click a website gets and so it doesn't cost us a thing (but time) to help out a cause.

and also America's Wetland, a charity that is looking for donations to help save the Louisiana wetlands.

If the counter on the America's Wetland site is true we are loosing a yard of wetland every second.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Racist use Katrina as a fund raiser

I was listening to Rachel Maddow today where it was report that a number of websites such as, and a bunch of others, have been reported as being part of a white supremacy group.
Those sites are owned by Frank Weltner, the guy who also runs Jew Watch (which sadly is a site anti-semitism and not a cam girl site run by a Jewish girl)

Instead of giving the money to everyone that needs it they where only planning on giving it to white people. It a damn shame that someone would stoop so low and use an event like this to push their twisted means.

People where upset about the comment that Kanye West made was in bad taste but at least what he was trying to do was point out how race may have played a part in the way things had/have been unequally reported and the delayed response by FEMA. But at no point in time did he say only Black people should be helped out.

Clothes drive

Today me, my uncle and my cousin gathered about three car loads of clothing (mostly all of which belong to my grandmother, boy did she have a lot of clothing) to give to the victims of Katrina.

It almost feels like that should be enough clothing to cloth half the women and drag queens (You have to see some of the outfits my grandmother had to understand) in New Orleans.

It didn't cost me much (just a bit of time and breathing in a little asbostos), I'm only printing to show that we can all do something.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

As I am sure every body reading this already knows that last week we had on of the the worst disaster to hit America.

This natural disaster was made worst due to the delayed response it took in rescuing people.

This has lead to many people to wonder what went wrong. This question is a very valid one but the response of those in charge was "hey this is not the time point fingers"

And while it is true that it is a time that we a human beings need to focus on trying to save the lives of the victims of the storm, there is no reason to let the guilty parties of the hook.

So you may ask "who should hold the blame for the failures of Katrina aftermath?"

Is it

Mayor Nagin?

Governor of Louisiana?


Michael Brown?

George W. Bush?

and the answer is simple yes.

This event took the combined efforts of a lot of people dropping the ball.

Locally it's been pointed out that Louisiana had a poor evaction plan for the poorer members of it society. There should have been something in place to pick up people that had noway of getting out of New Orleans to safety. Also better a commidation could have been made for those staying in that sport's dome.

But federally FEMA and it's heads also have a lot to be held responsiable for. The fact that it took so long to start any resuce effort is a shame. as news gets out about who Michael Brown is it becames more and more clear that he is NOT the person who should be the of FEMA. Maybe if we had some one that was QUIALFIED for the jop maybe we would have seen a timely reaction to the threat, instead of waiting days after the fact for any one to do any thing.

And finally there is our President. He also holds some repsoniality in the horrable out come of the Katrina disaster. First he appointed Brown to be head of FEMA, Brown had no experince what so ever in natural disasters. His old job was judging horses.

Next of the fact that that FEMA has been detoothed and placed under Home Land Security instead of being a cabinet level postion. Being part of Homeland security may not sound so bad but the fact that HLS current focus as been on terrorism that the focas on natural disasters took a lower priority.

And finally the fact that the federal goverment has cut the funding for building the levees also played a big part. The levees was not 100% finished due to that fact and that is why the big easy got flooded.

People allready knew that the there was an exterme chance that the levees would break

So all the reports of people (BUSH) saying that there was noway anyone could have seen it coming is full of B.S.

It is time for all of these people to take accountablity for what happen. They need to step up and be the leaders this country needs. They need to be F'ing men (and women) and stop being cowards running around for photo ops, so they can still look good to the american public.

Liberal Blogosphere for Hurricane Relief

for those who haven't giving to a charity that can help the Katrina victims check this out Liberal Blogosphere for Hurricane Relief