Thursday, October 13, 2005

When cops go wild

Robert Davis, the 64 year old retired elementary schoolteacher that was attacked by a vicious gang of cops, has released a statement yesterday that he was not drunk as the police said. In fact he claims that he hadn't had a drink in 25 years.

The reason this raises interest is that the thugs that call themselves "lawmen" stated that the reason they beat him was that he was drunk and believed to be violent. Even if the man was drunk from what one can tell from the video there where no signs of him being violent and what those officers did was uncalled for.

Both Davis and the police department say that race wasn't a reason for what happened. But I'm going to have say that most likely it played a role in what happened.

In the video I link to it was reported that one of the officers said that they had been trapped there for months and have been doing what they can to stay a live.

Maybe these officers where too stressed out and handled this situation really badly.

It could be a combination of the two. If race played a factor in this. The fact that the N.O officers have recently been is such a stressful situation would only amplify reactions that these officer may have if they had any racial bias.

I hope it's not coming of as I have something against the police but is seems to me that most people forget that the police are human. Being human the men and women on the police force our prone to the same short comings as everyone else.

I'm surprised that many people don't realize this. Besides "oh, that was terrible" most of the reactions I seen this story have either been "F the police" or "the police are always right and this guy must of done something" I just don't understand how people could have such a simple view of the world.

Being people you are going to have good and bad police officers. Just as you are going to have good or bad people working as lawyers, IT, waiters, priest, doctors, teachers or anything else. And with or with out a badge from the actions of these "cops" are scum.

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