Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Shoot Frist? Black people stay the hell away from Flordia!

new law in Florida allows people to shoot people if they believe they may be attacked.

The people of are warning people to be careful when they go to Florida. Mainly due to the fear of people over reacting to things like a car crash or something.

But what has me worried about this law is that I can see a lot of innocent people being killed due to race. A lot of white people get very nervous when they see a Black person walking around a night (hell even in the day) because they automatically assume that the Black person is going to mug or rape them. Usually this just leads to people quickly running to the other side of the street or women clutching their purses/moving it the opposite side of the Black person.

But with this law I am fearful that we are going to see a lot of Black men getting shot down because a lot of these fearful white people may be quick to pull out a gun and shot someone because they "think" they maybe harmed.

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