Friday, October 14, 2005

Nuclear terrorist road trip: The attack of Al Cutie

ABC’s new program Primetime ran a report last night showing how easy it would be for terrorist to enter many of the nuclear research facilities housed at many universities. The only weapons they would need is charm, looks and youth.

The experiment took groups (of two) made of college student or recent graduates and had them check out a nuclear reactors that can be found on many college campuses and see if they could get in.

As the test showed not only could these students get into the building with the nuclear reactor in a number of cases they where able to get near the core of the reactor.

The schools mostly tired to play it off and say that those nuclear reactors are well guarded. The NRC tried to do the same thing but after the spokes person looked at some of the film footage he slowly began to change his tune and admit that at least he was at least worried about some of them.

What was really sad was that one of the schools tried to blame the ABC primetime investigators instead of admitting their own lack of security. They said that it was unfair that they sent a bunch of flirtatious women around to use their evil feminine whiles or some crap to that ilk.

I know it this piece was supposed to a scare to the viewers but when this started out I could help but to find it little funny. In a oh my god we are all goina die short of way. Of course by the time it hits you that the only one school (university of new Mexico) actually had decent security (they locked the doors and didn’t allow the investigators to have an unscheduled tour) it began to get a little scary.

To be fare I admit I may have made a few mistakes that the guys working in the nuclear labs made (expcially with the first pair of women). It doesn’t always take much to get a nerd to let his guard down a cute face and smile and/or showing a little interest in something and there you go. But I don’t work in a nuclear lab and I would expect a bit more security in one.

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