Thursday, April 30, 2009

re: Open letter to Repubs

So a guy I know online is trying to save the Republican party.

He's hoping to get a lot of views to a letter he has on his site (Progressive Republicans) asking for the parties leadership to look at it self and for Republicans to stop attacking each other.

I disagree with the later part. The people in the Republican party need to dish out their issues. If the party can't stand infighting then I think it's too weak to survive

if the party dies, I think sooner or later a new party will come and replace the Republican party (just as the Republicans replaced the Whigs)

But with out the infighting I don't think they will get to a point where the party can change it, because everyone will just follow lock step over the issues that the party already runs under. which are the same issues that the party is following to its down fall.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Better of Ted (funniest TV show on the air)

I'm surprised reading a few article that say the new ABC show Better of Ted is doing poorly in the ratings.

why am I shocked...because it is one of the funniest shows on TV.

I'm not sure why people haven't tuned into the show yet, maybe the ads for the show didn't draw people in. or maybe because it came on midseason many people are already locked in their TV watching patterns.

if you haven't checked out the show yet I ask you to try it out (it's on Wednesdays at 8:30 EST on ABC)

at the least you should watch the show for the comic scientist duo of Phil and Lem

or for the boss played by Portia De Rossi (of Alley McBeal and Arrested Development fame)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Pontiac, MI may get high speed rail

recently there has been some news that the stimulus plan has money set aside that may go to a few high speed rail networks across the nation.

one of these hubs is in the Midwest, where a number of Midwestern link to Chicago. Now when I saw this on the news they said that one of the lines will link the Chi to the D (that's Detroit) but reading more detailed there will also be a high speed drop to Pontiac.

This is great news and hopefully the money will come to make this happen. Because I admit being bias, I like the ideal of a stop in Detroit, but hearing that there is one planned for Pontiac is even better.

Now with the news of a high speed rail line that will bring people in from all over the Midwest I also hope this pushes Michigan politicians to upgrade the rest of the state public transportation system (or you know actually have one outside of buses)

WARNING Fox news site has malware

I clicked on the to read a news article and I was redirected to a malware site.

and it seems that I am not the only person this has happened to.

no not at all

Friday, April 17, 2009

are we seeing the end of wii madness?

that what some people are saying due to the fact that last month, the PS3 out sold the Wii in Japan.

I don't know if I wouldn't put Wii in the grave because of this news. The Wii has been at the top for a long time (selling like gangbusters) and it makes since that sooner or later there would be some slow down.

Gamasutra has a post up about the fact that over half of the wii sales are for Nintendo's game and music games and because it's easy to port games between the the PS3 and 360 it best to make games for those system and not the Wii

and that is where I think the Wii's problems lie. It was a smart move to make a gaming system that people not hard core gamers can enjoy playing and kids. Heck it worked back in the day win the NES. The problem with those markets is they don't naturally buy as many games as the adult hardcore gamer and that the market that PS3/360 picked up and Wii didn't and with the bad economy the non hardcore gamer is less likely to spend money on games.

why? because the types of games many "hardcore gamers" want ended up on the other system.

The thing is the wii's problem isn't 100% Nintendo's fault. a big problem is that 3rd party publishers didn't make games for gamers for the Wii, many focused on the other systems and mostly made games for kids and such for the wii.

Now I'm not one of those that thinks Wii should just market it self to the hardcore gamer but I feel the system could do a better job of walking and chewing gum at the same time. If Big N doesn't want to change it's focus on the games it makes, fine. but it might be wise for them to point out what the system has for hardcore gamers, as well as try to push 3rd party developers to look at the wii when they make "gamer games"