Thursday, April 30, 2009

re: Open letter to Repubs

So a guy I know online is trying to save the Republican party.

He's hoping to get a lot of views to a letter he has on his site (Progressive Republicans) asking for the parties leadership to look at it self and for Republicans to stop attacking each other.

I disagree with the later part. The people in the Republican party need to dish out their issues. If the party can't stand infighting then I think it's too weak to survive

if the party dies, I think sooner or later a new party will come and replace the Republican party (just as the Republicans replaced the Whigs)

But with out the infighting I don't think they will get to a point where the party can change it, because everyone will just follow lock step over the issues that the party already runs under. which are the same issues that the party is following to its down fall.


Carol said...

The people in the Republican party need to dish out their issues i agree with this point..
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