Sunday, November 21, 2010

200 post and counting

I notice that I had 199 posted on this blog and wanted to add this one to make it an even 200.

wow 200 post that's a feet giving that I don't post here much. This personal blog as been a place for me to talk about what on my mind and what I'm going through and it's been a launch pad for other blogs when I noticed I've been talking about things connected via subject manner.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

saw some picttures of my dad to day for the first time

ok I saw some pictures of my father on facebook today. may not be big news for most but that was the first time I actually saw the man.

It's a little that the first time I see what my father looks like it would be on facebook. I never thought that would happen.

The photos included an old 70's picture of him and I guess a more recent picture and some group photos with him in it.

Monday, November 01, 2010

I'm still alive

Hi just letting the world know I'm still alive. about a month ago the water heater at my home broke and I've been crashing at my brothers until I can get it fixed.

didn't have much time to get online because 1. my computer's at home and 2. much of my time has been taken dealing with my little nephew.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

wow I just learned someone I went to school with died via facebook.

no he wasn't killed by facebook (some loser did that) but that's how I got the news.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

empty life

recently I've been having the feeling that my life is pretty empty. That I am wasting my time doing the things I do on a daily bases.

But I have no ideal what I should be doing instead.

Monday, August 30, 2010

My Computer's fixed

Yeah man. After nearly a month without my computer I finally got it back.

I am so happy because even though I realized in the month without it that I waste a lot of time on it, I noticed that there are a few things I really needed it for and I am happy that I have and can get started on some projects.

Monday, August 23, 2010

rub a dub dub

because my washing machine is broken and i want to save money and not use a laundry mat, i am washing clothes by hand.

i have to say it feels good scrubbing your clothes between you hands.

though i just did a few items and wouldn't want to do a full load at once.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

4 dollars a day

you know one of the things about falling on hard times is realising how close you are to be better off but you seem to come to a hump you need to get over.l

for me it's money. with all the things i'm doing online to make some cash one would think it easy to make $4 a day but that's not the case. and if my sites just made 4 bucks a day i'd have enough to cover my bill.

Friday, August 20, 2010

life without a computer

my computer got a virus, so now i can only go online with a wii. and boy does it hurt the wrist typing.

worse it put a holt to my job search as well as put a roadblock on my business or at least it may soon if it doesn't get fixed soon, i did turn it in 2 someone 2 weeks ago

at 1st i was o.k. but i have bills 2 pay and i'm not able to use the main tool 2nd make money.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Wii facing competion or is kinect and ps3 move the best thing for it.

Well some of the big news from E3 is that both Microsoft and Sony are adding motion controllers to their current game system.

It's clear this is to take on Nintendo's Wii which may not be as big of a hit with hardcore games but is actually the top selling system world wide thinks to casual fans and hardcore nintendo fans.

Now at first one would think the fact that with xbox 360 and the ps3 getting motion controls (the kinect and move) one would think that it will cut into the wii's sales.

and it may draw in some people who wouldn't buy those system.

But these new motion controls may not help as much as some think.

first game system ad on often aren't often super popular (unless they are bundled with the system)

and second on of the problems with the wii is that developers haven't focused good games (or at least those aimed at hardcore gamers) for the wii. This may change because all systems having motion control it's easier to make games that use similar controls across all three platforms.

So in other words Microsoft and Sony maybe helping nintendo in the area they currently are weakest in right now, winning over hardcore gamers with a wave of 3rd party games aimed at them.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Nikki Lynette Roses N Guns

I ran across this at like 1am. First time hearing Nikki Lynette but I like what I hear.

Download Mixtape Free | Mixtape Player

Cee-Lo Green and Lupe Fiasco have each drop some hot mix tapes

Here is pretty hot Lupe Fiasco mixtape before there where Lasers.

Download Mixtape Free | Mixtape Player

It should be noted that hip-hop as we know it actually came after lasers. which was theorized by Einstein in 1917 and proven to be real by Rudolf W. Ladenburg in 1928. Hip-hop came around in the 70's.

And here's the even hotter Cee-Lo mixtape Stray Bullets

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Once again Obama makes history.

Something just shank in today for me about this Healthcare law.

The first Black President of the United States (and first woman to be speaker of the house) has done something other presidents have been trying to do for a long time...pass healthcare reform.

It may not be as good as I wanted but at least it's a nice first step

Thursday, March 04, 2010

I just read an article about the fact that it is expected that wii sells will go down this year. That's not surprising everything has to stop at some point and this includes wii's high sales.

What I found interesting is that there are game publishers who state they aren't haven't manage to sell games well on the wii and that they won't focus so much on wii games. The publishers talked about in the article where EA, Capcom, THQ and Ubisoft.

A person form EA said that the Wii market was unpredictable. Part of me thinks what that means is they haven't really figured out how to sell to people who may have bought the wii that aren't really big gamers.

But then I remember that many gamers dislike the wii because they can't find many games aimed at them. So the problem isn't the game companies making games for gamers on a system they don't want, because the reason games are unhappy with the wii is because they don't have enough games to make them happy.

So I looked at a few of these companies sites to see what are they selling for the Wii and it looks go me that the problem is these companies aren't really putting out compelling games out on the system. At least there aren't many games that look like something I would want.

EA had the most attention paid to them in the article so I looked at their site to see the what they had for the wii and noticed only a few games that appealed to me. Though they did have a number of things I think would have sold well even if I don't care to much for them (sports games and sims related stuff)

They also have a game similar to wii sports and I think the problem there is that I am sure someone with wii sports won't fell the need to get another game similar to one they already have. Remember a big chunk of wii owners aren't games. There's a lot of older folks who got a wii for things like wii fit and wii sports. I can't help but remember when I was a kid and I wanted say a new edition of a sports game or street fighter II my mom would turn and say well you already have game like that why would you want another? I can see a lot of older wii owners taken that mindset...heck as I have gotten older I'm taking that mindset more and more.

I found similar problems across the board. The Wii has an odd mix of games, there are many tie games to stuff like game shows (There is a biggest loser game...really who would want that game) and of course lots and lots of kids games. Which makes sense giving that another big group of wii owners are kids, but the problem with having such a huge focus on this market is that kids don't buy games their parents or other adults do and I can see a bigger limit on the over all sales one can make to kids then to adults.

Now on one hand I think it's good that the companies are putting out games in hopes of drawing in more people then just hardcore gamers. It reminds me a bit of the days of the NES when we had a wide range of games, the problem is that just like back in the 80's a lot of those game being pushed out on the wii don't really look that good and back then everything was pretty much released on the NES good or bad, games for hardcore games and causal gamers. The wii just seemed to aim at the causal games and forgotten about the hardcore gamers.

I'm all for making games for causal gamers but a lot of these games don't really look that good.

I'm also surprised by the fact that some of the biggest gaming publishers didn't sell some of their biggest properties on the wii.

But what really sticks out is that even thought these comapanies say they are having a hard time selling games looking at the top selling games (at lets those listed on this wiki page) The wii has some of the highest sells figures of any game system, EVER. now it's true that it's Nintendo the company that putting out most of the high selling games on the wii and I think it's do to the reasons I listed. These are good games, they use their biggest characters and a lot of companies are just copying what the big N puts out (why get another multi sports mini games game when you already have wii sport and wii fit? And how many party games can someone really play?)

also looking at the top selling games on different platforms their seems to areas that publishers can focus on that Nintendo either doesn't really have covered or seem like there is room to grow the market for on the Wii. Like a sandbox adventure game (like grand thief auto), fighting games (wii has super smash bros but I'm shocked capcom doesn't have a Street Fighter game for the wii...the closet is is Capcom vs some group of characters popular in Japan but haven't really crossed over to America much.), etc, etc.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

aw yet another Birthday

We'll I turned 30 today.

Truth be told the day so far is pretty uneventful. Which is good in the fact that at least nothing bad is happening but I'm short of now in the it's my birthday I should be doing something fun and interesting yet it's just another boring day blues is setting in.

Interesting I learn that I share my birthday with famous witch named Dorothy Clutterbuck (who was born a 100 years before I was)

the Character Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Edgar Allan Poe

Shawn Wayans

Dolly Parton

and the Apple Computer LISA

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Is it the shoes? It's gotta be the shoes

I've been missing around with Zazzle and created some shoes.

The first pair of shoes I did used drawing I already had on Zazzle (made ties with it) which was a nerdy skull and crossbones type joint.

I used it to design a pair of pink sneakers.

Next I have a pair of shoes with my name and a drawing of me on them. Hopefully I'll become a line that everyone wears. Like Jordon's.

Right now I'm just fulling around but more will more then likely becoming.

so far Zazzle only has kids and womens shoes. Which is OK but I would like a pair of my own shoes.

So if you like what you see or just want to give me money go ahead and buy something.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Note to the Bad Robot crew about Star Trek sequel

Well there has been some news that J.J Abrams will be working on a sequel to Star Trek soon (movie expected to come out by 2012).

I felt that since the movie hasn't been written yet I would share my view on some things they should try to do for the next movie, just in the off chance that someone working at Bad Robot will see this post (I figure there is a 1 in a zillion chance of this happening)

When the J.J Abrams Star Trek movie came out there where plenty of Trekkies talking about a sequel. One of the common things I heard/read people say they wanted in the next movie was to see Khan.

Personally I say this is a bad ideal. Why? Because everyone seems to be expecting to see the return of Khan.

People wanting to see the return of Khan ties into the next thing I noticed people saying they want and that is to see nuTrek redoing stuff from old Star Trek show. I think when we are looking at stories that are redoing themselves that fans would want to see how stories would turn out in the new setup. But I don't think this is what should be done in this alternate time line or at least not yet. Since in the new reality we are following a Kirk and Enterprise crew that are active much earlier then the events in the first Star Trek TV show, So this crew wouldn't run into many of the events they ran into on the show or at least not until a later part of their voyage.

But if for some reason Roberto Orci & Alex Kurtzman want to reuse old Star Trek stories I would I would like to see them redo the pilot episode but with Kirk instead of Pike or for that matter any of the other Pike stories (they have a series of Pike era books.) Or if you are going to do stories tied to the show try to do stories that have events that happened before the show started. For example there are episode dealing with people that have crashed on some planet years before the Enterprise find them do a story where the Enterprise finds them before they would have in the normal show or maybe even prevent the events that would have happened on the show.

So I said what I don't want to see what do I want to watch. Well basically I want to see something new and good.

I wouldn't mind seeing more effects of Nero and Spock going back in time. For example it's stated that Nero was held prisoner by Klingons, that means that the Klingons had access to tech from over a hundred years in the future. I think it would be interesting that in this Star Trek-verse we follow an Federation that has to deal with Klingons more advanced techinolgy then they would have normally.

also with Vulcans being an endangered species I can easily see story ideals dealing with a Vulcan(s) going to extremes to try and repopulate the race.

oh and I wouldn't mind seeing tribbles

Friday, January 01, 2010


Well the new year is here. As I wrote I can't help but feel that 2010 is going to be a good year.