Monday, January 11, 2010

Note to the Bad Robot crew about Star Trek sequel

Well there has been some news that J.J Abrams will be working on a sequel to Star Trek soon (movie expected to come out by 2012).

I felt that since the movie hasn't been written yet I would share my view on some things they should try to do for the next movie, just in the off chance that someone working at Bad Robot will see this post (I figure there is a 1 in a zillion chance of this happening)

When the J.J Abrams Star Trek movie came out there where plenty of Trekkies talking about a sequel. One of the common things I heard/read people say they wanted in the next movie was to see Khan.

Personally I say this is a bad ideal. Why? Because everyone seems to be expecting to see the return of Khan.

People wanting to see the return of Khan ties into the next thing I noticed people saying they want and that is to see nuTrek redoing stuff from old Star Trek show. I think when we are looking at stories that are redoing themselves that fans would want to see how stories would turn out in the new setup. But I don't think this is what should be done in this alternate time line or at least not yet. Since in the new reality we are following a Kirk and Enterprise crew that are active much earlier then the events in the first Star Trek TV show, So this crew wouldn't run into many of the events they ran into on the show or at least not until a later part of their voyage.

But if for some reason Roberto Orci & Alex Kurtzman want to reuse old Star Trek stories I would I would like to see them redo the pilot episode but with Kirk instead of Pike or for that matter any of the other Pike stories (they have a series of Pike era books.) Or if you are going to do stories tied to the show try to do stories that have events that happened before the show started. For example there are episode dealing with people that have crashed on some planet years before the Enterprise find them do a story where the Enterprise finds them before they would have in the normal show or maybe even prevent the events that would have happened on the show.

So I said what I don't want to see what do I want to watch. Well basically I want to see something new and good.

I wouldn't mind seeing more effects of Nero and Spock going back in time. For example it's stated that Nero was held prisoner by Klingons, that means that the Klingons had access to tech from over a hundred years in the future. I think it would be interesting that in this Star Trek-verse we follow an Federation that has to deal with Klingons more advanced techinolgy then they would have normally.

also with Vulcans being an endangered species I can easily see story ideals dealing with a Vulcan(s) going to extremes to try and repopulate the race.

oh and I wouldn't mind seeing tribbles

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