Monday, January 23, 2006

I allways feel like somebodies watching me...or evil Quacker terrorist

So we all know about the recent news that the goverment has been tapping peoples phones with out a warrent.

They said that they were only looking at people that mayhave ties with terrorist but it seems like what that really means is they are spying on anyone that doesn't agree with Bush and his policies (which is why I must add that I love Bush and like thing he is the Messiah or something) .

a few antiwar groups say that they have been spied.

Even the quackers are saying that they are been watched, and Florida congress rep Robert Wexler said "Neither you nor anybody in that (Quaker) church had anything to do with terrorism,"

the mothaf***ing Quakers what are they going to do bomb us with oatmeal? Go WWE on us and whack us with furniture?

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

BET animation

Bet is starting an Animations department and will be head Denys Cowan (former comic artist, co-found of Milestone comic and cartoon producer on shows like static shock, boondocks).

cool news it gives up that BET is really trying to turn it self around from being nothing but booty shaking (not that I don't mind booty shaking but calling your sell Black entertainment TV we need more then justs Butts) but there is also a part of me that fears that the new cartoons will be notting but cita like shows.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Oh no New Orleans is going to be a chocolate city

It seems that Ray Nagin's comment about New Orleans will be a chocolate city again in his MLK day speech the other day has made some people upset.

I can understand why he made the comment. Many people worry that people will come in a buy the cheep property and push the poor (i.e. many of the Blacks) out of the city.

some how some people that heard Nagin's comment thank that saying that NO will be Black means he is saying "No whiteys allowed" but if one looks at the histories of the other chocolate cities in this country then you know that they are mostly Black not because anyone actively pushed Whites out. It just when city got a little brown many of the Whites decided to leave town (see Detroit, DC, Watts, etc)

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Some seem to be a bit upset due to a break in Alito d!ck riding

I caught only a little bit of the today's Alito hearing.

giving what I say I have to wonder is this true did anyone actually attack Alito with their questions...Hell did anyone even ask him a slightly tuff question?

All I saw was a bunch of senators verbally running train on Alito's jock. And when anyone asked a question someone was quick to message the balls as someone worked the shaft.

Maybe because I was flipping back and forth and missed if anything actually happen did anyone actually ask Alito a challenging question or was this just spin?

and was the question really bad enough that it would make one's wife run away crying. Unless she is a very weak person I can't see, the mere fact he was asked something would upset someone.

Part of me thinks she couldn't hold in the truth and had to run out of the senate before she blurted out he is a bigot (but that is just speculation)

If someone did ask a hard question I'm sad I missed it.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

oh yeah thanks

I would like to think DJ Murry's plumping for being the only plumper to say they will come to fix my tub and not give me a long block of time when they may come.

Thanks 2 phils plunping for actualy fixing my faucet.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

I have been saved

Alright a plumber finally came, my bathtub is no longer broken...yaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I can turn my water on and OFF.

It's funny I got scolded by a plumber I called to cancel since the other guy came. Hey man I know I had your go drive here (though I did try to call before he got to my house) but you have to understand I was since 2:30 dealing with this.

I now return this blog to me talking about weird news, poltics or pop culture, untell the next time I have some junk I need to get of my chest or in a state of panic.

yet another one

Just as I pushed post for my last message another plumber called and said they will make it in about 45 minutes.

Who will get here first and get the job I don't know.

The race is on!

at last a plumber to the rescue

Think god a plumber finally called me back and said they will be here in at least a few hours. I would like him here sooner but at least I finally got a responce.

It doesn't seem like my sink was leaking after all so I started dumping in more water again. though I think I need a bit of a breather. I've been dumping water for about eight hours.

I should be in bed. hurry up Mr. Plumber!
still waiting for a plumber to call back. actually I missed one so I recalled them after I got the message

my tub is near over flowing. I'm not sure if the kitchen sink is leaking to or if I spilt alot of water going in with my bucket.

Some one help me

Fing plumbing 24 hour emergency services

Alright as I type my bathtub faucet wont stop running. I have called a few plumbers to come and fix it (and looking up some more). That is between me getting a bucket of water to dump it into the kitchen sink, due to the fact that bathtub drains slowly and I fear it over flooding. I have been doing this since 3 in the morning I am pooped and am taking this time a much need breather.

What I am not liking about the plumbers that I call is that they say will come in block of time that is so long (and many will only come in one or two hours later if you are lucky).

F Armstrong plumbing and sewer service when I called the lady (and I used the term loosely) hanged up on me when I asked if there was a extra fee if I canceled (I'm calling more then one plumber to see who gets here first) she didn't even take my info yet.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Who wants to die? Elmo, was last Christmas hottest toy

There is an Elmo (a sesame street muppet) potty training book on the market in which Elmo ask the kid pushing one of the sound recorded buttons "who wants to die?" as he laughs. Clearly Elmo is planning on going on a killing binge, I think he was pissed about all those people tickling him.

It seems like only a few of the books have this message (the others just ask "Who want to go?"). Surely this will upset many parents who will call for a recall but the really smart ones will know that there is a secondary market of people twisted enough to want to by the book (like myself actually) and so they will sale their copy on eBay *

*note I have no ideal if this eBay seller really has a copy of the "who wants to die?" elmo I just link to the person with the lowest price at the time (some actually sold their copy for a 100 bucks)