Friday, January 06, 2006

Who wants to die? Elmo, was last Christmas hottest toy

There is an Elmo (a sesame street muppet) potty training book on the market in which Elmo ask the kid pushing one of the sound recorded buttons "who wants to die?" as he laughs. Clearly Elmo is planning on going on a killing binge, I think he was pissed about all those people tickling him.

It seems like only a few of the books have this message (the others just ask "Who want to go?"). Surely this will upset many parents who will call for a recall but the really smart ones will know that there is a secondary market of people twisted enough to want to by the book (like myself actually) and so they will sale their copy on eBay *

*note I have no ideal if this eBay seller really has a copy of the "who wants to die?" elmo I just link to the person with the lowest price at the time (some actually sold their copy for a 100 bucks)

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