Saturday, January 07, 2006

Fing plumbing 24 hour emergency services

Alright as I type my bathtub faucet wont stop running. I have called a few plumbers to come and fix it (and looking up some more). That is between me getting a bucket of water to dump it into the kitchen sink, due to the fact that bathtub drains slowly and I fear it over flooding. I have been doing this since 3 in the morning I am pooped and am taking this time a much need breather.

What I am not liking about the plumbers that I call is that they say will come in block of time that is so long (and many will only come in one or two hours later if you are lucky).

F Armstrong plumbing and sewer service when I called the lady (and I used the term loosely) hanged up on me when I asked if there was a extra fee if I canceled (I'm calling more then one plumber to see who gets here first) she didn't even take my info yet.

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