Monday, January 23, 2006

I allways feel like somebodies watching me...or evil Quacker terrorist

So we all know about the recent news that the goverment has been tapping peoples phones with out a warrent.

They said that they were only looking at people that mayhave ties with terrorist but it seems like what that really means is they are spying on anyone that doesn't agree with Bush and his policies (which is why I must add that I love Bush and like thing he is the Messiah or something) .

a few antiwar groups say that they have been spied.

Even the quackers are saying that they are been watched, and Florida congress rep Robert Wexler said "Neither you nor anybody in that (Quaker) church had anything to do with terrorism,"

the mothaf***ing Quakers what are they going to do bomb us with oatmeal? Go WWE on us and whack us with furniture?

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