Thursday, September 14, 2006

I hope this guy doesn't get mad at me for linking to his blog

I ran across this new comic related blog. it seems nice (it just started out so we how long it can keep up being good) but I was reading thread on another site (the V hive) about how he is angery about another blog (women in comics) linking to him.

I would tell people to check it out but fear the net rage I would get.

wii the funs coming...maybe?

The news is out the Wii will cost $250 (pk it's 249.99 to keep it just under that promised less then 250.) Which means I lost in all those guess the wii's price pools. I was guessing it would have been a bit over $50 cheaper.

But it does come with a game. something that hasn't happend in a long time with the release of new gaming consoles. The game? Wii sports.