Thursday, September 14, 2006

I hope this guy doesn't get mad at me for linking to his blog

I ran across this new comic related blog. it seems nice (it just started out so we how long it can keep up being good) but I was reading thread on another site (the V hive) about how he is angery about another blog (women in comics) linking to him.

I would tell people to check it out but fear the net rage I would get.

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James Meeley said...


You have no need to fear my anger. Unless you've been publicly professing your hatred of me, I have no problem with you linking me.

I know that whole scene has gotten way out of hand, but that's due to everyone else sticking their noses in, as anything I have done.

I appreciate you linking me and hope you will keep coming by. I intend to keep the content as good in the future as I have thus far. :)