Wednesday, March 23, 2011

what should be are response to black images in the media

Black images in the media is something that for a long time have been more negative then positive. As an African American it gets really annoying to see the same old stereotypes about us shown over and over again without much if any countering images.

It's natural and right that we speak out against the negative images we see of us shown in the media but sometimes I wonder if we go to far or the very least should we focus more on getting hollywood to show a wider ranger of images of Blacks or better yet support indy media that have a wide range of black images instead just attacking something that might be close to being strereotype.

i ask this because the days of in your face stereotypes are nearly over and the common stereotypes we see in the media aren't as in your face as some white guy in black face but we still have plenty of stereotypes that come from that still at play to day and because of that I notice people jumping at anything that has the hint of cooning, wither it be slapstick, low brow humor and a number of other things forms on comedy I like almost as much as I like wit and smart hight brow comedy.

And I've been thinking about the success of Tyler Perry, on one hand I am very proudd of him for his success and look up to him as a business man in the media field and think people should really look at the way he handled his business and how he built his media empire but on the other hand I realize if it wasn't for the preaching god part of his more people will be getting on him for bring out moves that are in the same vain as how high or booty call. The later a film I liked when I was in high school but not that it's not really positive images of black people.