Saturday, May 31, 2008

They had their chance to let the Michigan voters voice to be heard.

This Saturday the Democratic party is holding it’s committee meeting to try and figure out what to do with the Florida and Michigan delegates.

I’m from Michigan and I know more about this state’s situation much more then I know about Florida’s so I’m just going to focus on the big mitten.

It seems that right now the Florida delegates are ok with the plan to only have half their votes count, where as the Michigan delegates want all there votes counted.

I didn’t catch who said it but I heard on the radio some guy (a MI delegate) say that they are fighting for this so Michigan voters can be heard.

All I have to say is…hold up!

The Michigan government has had their chances to make sure our vote is counted and they screwed them up.

First off this whole miss is there fault. They choice to move the election up, not the citizens of Michigan. No one turned to me and asked “yo, Martin mind if we move our primaries up?”

They then jacked things up again when they let the deadline to issue a revote slip by.

If they really wanted the Michigan voters voice count then they would have worked over time to get that done…but there lazy butts just let it go.

What I think the Michigan delegates are fighting to make sure the people of Michigan get who they want in office but instead they are fighting to get whoever they want in office.

If we had a recount and Obama’s name was on the ballot unlike in the Michigan primaries I think the out come would be vastly different.

A lot of people didn’t vote because they where told (by our local news media) that there vote wasn’t going to count.