Thursday, June 29, 2006

Supreme Court judges bush guilty of breaking war time laws

Wow, I wonder how fox news is going to spin this?

The Supreme Court ruled Thursday that President Bush overstepped his authority in ordering military war crimes trials for Guantanamo Bay detainees.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Paper, Rock, Scissors

People most be really running out of ideals for things to put on TV because last night A&E showed a Paper, Rock, Scissors tournament.

And all I can say was that it was comedy gold.

Mainly due to this being way to over produced and people thinking things to seriously. Oh and it's freaking rock paper scissors on TV.

The show had it all corny host who you can tell are just thinking "were did my career go, so bad that I'm hosting a Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament?" taking breaks between rounds to have some guy give out strategies playing rock, paper, scissors (really do people tips on playing rock paper scissors?)

But what really put this over the top was when they had a lady (on of the players) talk about how playing rock, paper, scissors saved her when she was a kid. See she was going down the run path and life and was a teenage run away. And one night here and her friends only made enough cash from panhandle to buy one meal from McDonald's. So they played rock, paper, scissors to see who eats and it seems that she won and show she ate and her friends starved to death or something. All I have to say was wow they couldn't have split the burger.

Sorry rock, paper, scissors fans, but all though I think the ideal that there is a rock, paper, scissors tournament is a silly ideal that I think is fine that is around but rock, paper, scissors doesn't make good TV. Though it might make a nice internet video.

Oh and in case you where wondering the winner recieved $50,000 plus they had a side battle where some on won a car. To that all I have to say is if you can get cash for playing sign me up.

Friday, June 09, 2006

carjacking part 2: the good news

It seems that the Police found my mother's car.

Don't know if they got the punks that stole the car but at least my mom got her car back.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

667 the day after the beast

well we got past all that 6/6/06 nonsense (it's 666 or even 616 it's not 6606 and it not 662006 that make make the mark of the best) and boy was it a let down.

The world didn't end.
And I expect more things to tie into the date.

meh maybe we'll get an antichrist out this or something.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

carjack or adventures in the hood

Last night was crazy. My mother's got stolen right in front of her house.

My little brother it seems show them pulling out of the drive way and so he ran out of the house chasing them.

I went out looking for my brother. Maybe I had a chance of catching him chasing but honestly I was more worried that this fool would have gotten hurt because of his stupid Superman complex.

I had no ideal which way he went, I was about to go left but heard a dog barking in the distance to the right so I went that way. Thinking maybe it was barking because it heard/saw a guy chasing a car.

I couldn't find him, so I head back home. Where I saw my brother walking out side (it seems I should have gone with my first split second hunch)

He said that he saw four guys with a the car and wanted to go back out and get them. I told him that it wasn't a good ideal because they could be armed. His only reply was "If they had a gun I would have been shot already" since he was still ready to go I pointed out that they out number us and he doesn't even have a weapon.

So he headed back into the house and went in the kitchen to get I guess get a knife (sidenote why get a knife when you have a sword and some daggers in your room?) I was able to talk him down abit.

My brother then told us what happened as he ran after the car thieves. He said he saw car pull up to a truck on the street adjusted to us. Like he said early there was four guys. My brother yelled out to the thieves "hey that's our car" where one of the guys replied "I don't know nothing about that" and hoped into the truck and drove off. Then the car went off, he went after the car again. Which seemed to have gone throw out the neighbor hood. My brother headed home when he lost them.

Shortly after my brother told us what happened the police came since they had most of the info my mother and brother went give the police the details.

a minute after the police left my brother's fiancee came. We told the story again. And then mostly everyone stood/sat around the living room. My brother chest seemed to be bothering him due to all the running he did.

It was mostly quite until someone said something funny which broke the still mood ever one was in.

Since my brother mentioned that the guys seemed young (maybe in high school) my mother thought it maybe on of the kids in the neighborhood that goes to the school she works at.

After some time we decided to go out to see if we can find the car on the streets. So we drove around the neighborhood. But didn't find the car. Though we did see a truck that my brother said look like the one he saw.

After that we went home but decide to turn around and look again but saw a car just parked out side with it's lights on so we where worried maybe it the car thieves returning (maybe to break into the house). So they picked me to check the house.

sadly I forgot that you have to open my mom's door a certain way sometimes or it wont open. So I was stuck outside as they drove of again looking for the car. I hanged around out side afraid that someone would see me and call the police thinking I was trying to break into the house. Lucky this didn't happened. I went out back to see about a bush that was growing to close the the house that I was going to cut down some time ago. But it was to dark to see where I should and shouldn't cut (it's by some wires so I want to be careful).

a half hour later they came back and said they ran in to my brother's fiancee's brother and they went around the city checking out place they knew that stolen cars show up.

They didn't find the car.

That pretty much the end of the story, we talked out side for a while but nothing worth talking about hear.