Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Paper, Rock, Scissors

People most be really running out of ideals for things to put on TV because last night A&E showed a Paper, Rock, Scissors tournament.

And all I can say was that it was comedy gold.

Mainly due to this being way to over produced and people thinking things to seriously. Oh and it's freaking rock paper scissors on TV.

The show had it all corny host who you can tell are just thinking "were did my career go, so bad that I'm hosting a Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament?" taking breaks between rounds to have some guy give out strategies playing rock, paper, scissors (really do people tips on playing rock paper scissors?)

But what really put this over the top was when they had a lady (on of the players) talk about how playing rock, paper, scissors saved her when she was a kid. See she was going down the run path and life and was a teenage run away. And one night here and her friends only made enough cash from panhandle to buy one meal from McDonald's. So they played rock, paper, scissors to see who eats and it seems that she won and show she ate and her friends starved to death or something. All I have to say was wow they couldn't have split the burger.

Sorry rock, paper, scissors fans, but all though I think the ideal that there is a rock, paper, scissors tournament is a silly ideal that I think is fine that is around but rock, paper, scissors doesn't make good TV. Though it might make a nice internet video.

Oh and in case you where wondering the winner recieved $50,000 plus they had a side battle where some on won a car. To that all I have to say is if you can get cash for playing sign me up.

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