Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Some seem to be a bit upset due to a break in Alito d!ck riding

I caught only a little bit of the today's Alito hearing.

giving what I say I have to wonder is this true did anyone actually attack Alito with their questions...Hell did anyone even ask him a slightly tuff question?

All I saw was a bunch of senators verbally running train on Alito's jock. And when anyone asked a question someone was quick to message the balls as someone worked the shaft.

Maybe because I was flipping back and forth and missed if anything actually happen did anyone actually ask Alito a challenging question or was this just spin?

and was the question really bad enough that it would make one's wife run away crying. Unless she is a very weak person I can't see, the mere fact he was asked something would upset someone.

Part of me thinks she couldn't hold in the truth and had to run out of the senate before she blurted out he is a bigot (but that is just speculation)

If someone did ask a hard question I'm sad I missed it.

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