Friday, June 18, 2010

Wii facing competion or is kinect and ps3 move the best thing for it.

Well some of the big news from E3 is that both Microsoft and Sony are adding motion controllers to their current game system.

It's clear this is to take on Nintendo's Wii which may not be as big of a hit with hardcore games but is actually the top selling system world wide thinks to casual fans and hardcore nintendo fans.

Now at first one would think the fact that with xbox 360 and the ps3 getting motion controls (the kinect and move) one would think that it will cut into the wii's sales.

and it may draw in some people who wouldn't buy those system.

But these new motion controls may not help as much as some think.

first game system ad on often aren't often super popular (unless they are bundled with the system)

and second on of the problems with the wii is that developers haven't focused good games (or at least those aimed at hardcore gamers) for the wii. This may change because all systems having motion control it's easier to make games that use similar controls across all three platforms.

So in other words Microsoft and Sony maybe helping nintendo in the area they currently are weakest in right now, winning over hardcore gamers with a wave of 3rd party games aimed at them.

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