Saturday, April 18, 2009

Pontiac, MI may get high speed rail

recently there has been some news that the stimulus plan has money set aside that may go to a few high speed rail networks across the nation.

one of these hubs is in the Midwest, where a number of Midwestern link to Chicago. Now when I saw this on the news they said that one of the lines will link the Chi to the D (that's Detroit) but reading more detailed there will also be a high speed drop to Pontiac.

This is great news and hopefully the money will come to make this happen. Because I admit being bias, I like the ideal of a stop in Detroit, but hearing that there is one planned for Pontiac is even better.

Now with the news of a high speed rail line that will bring people in from all over the Midwest I also hope this pushes Michigan politicians to upgrade the rest of the state public transportation system (or you know actually have one outside of buses)

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