Monday, October 24, 2005

Renee Jackson, The daughter of Janet Jackson and DeBarge?

The rumor (I'm not going to say it fact since right now it's just he said/she said with out the she) recently broke that Janet Jackson and James DeBarge have an 18 year old daughter. The child is reported to have been raised by Janet's older sister Rebbie.

I guess there is shock that Janet has a daughter. But giving the fact that Janet kept her marriage to DeBarge private at the time it's not to surprising that she would keep any children that came form that marriage private.

It is interesting to see how fair people will go to keep an image. Janet's marriage and now we know daughter where hidden from public view to keep her virginal image. Yes that right I knew with Janet's more sexualized image people forget that when she was starting out her image was cute and sweat and not sexy and raunchy. And both the marriage and the birth of the baby would have happened between the time of "lets wait awhile" and rhythm Nation, ie when she was still going for the announcing girl image.

I do have to say that I think it was a punk ass move on Young DeBarge (James' brother) for making this info public. If either the parents and/or the daughter released this info that would have been different matter.

I just hope that Renee Jackson know who her parents really where before this news broke because if not that has to be one hell of a shocker and crappy way to find out. Image if your listening to the radio or reading a news site and find out you where lied to about how your parents are.


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If you look up Renee jackson "they" say that she was born 2/6/1982 if you do the math that makes her 27 not 18. I do believe that Renee is really the daughter of jj older brother Jackie. Now if you look at the late 19 year old Kristina the singer the lips and check bones of jj the eyes color of Joe jackson. some ppl say she does not look blk of course not she is mixed hello. were all humans and make mistake may be jj went back to him and you know and them bam you have get Kristina. If you go to her myspace there are many pic that look just like jj, and even tho her new song sounds as if she were singing to a guy. If you listen closely she sounds as if she has came to the conclusion that she understand whatever may have happend in the past for jj but is rdy to move on she wants her in her life as her mother but oncce she (jj) is rdy to be a mom to her. In kristina song she mentions that she has changed all her numbers and bascily get yourself together. Now Im a die hart jj fan to the fullest i love every thing that she does she is awesome. if for any reason this is true we will still love her (jj) no matter what again we are all humans. and no one is here to judge i just think that she does have a kid with all the facts given on the internet it does not take a phd to do process of elimination. Janet has never said no she does not have a kid nither has she said she did but janet is so sweet trust if some one would to say anything nasty to her she would fine a gental way to corrcet anything said nasty about her or her family. 2(jj) and mike were soooooo close why did he not leave his kids in her hands? with a chance that joe might get them? 3 why can you not find the interviwe on the hall show when he asked how the kid was and jj said good good she is fine then after noticing what was just said the look she gave him wow the interviwe after that was not so light if you get me. againg you can not find that interview no where and if she was a mater at keeping a 10 yr marriage a secret then why not an 19 year old child ?