Monday, October 17, 2005

Race riot or poor city planning

So it seems that over the weekend Toledo, OH had a small race riot.

It all started when the National Socialist Movement (aka neo-NAZI)planned to march in a Toledo neighborhood.

Now the mayor of Toledo stated that this hate group has a right to march. Which is true but usually with groups like this the city has them march in an area that wouldn't cause to much problems, ie somewhere out of the way.

Now when any group of this type does a march/protest you our going to end up with a bunch of people that will counter protest. In this case by the articles I've read this group of counter protesters happened to contain gang members.

It seems that there was some scuffle, some there something at the nazi and may have hit some of the police officers.

Now unknown to the people that came to protest against the hate group, the nazi march was cancelled, the nazi that where there left. Now you would think the police would have used this fact to disburse the crowd. All they would have to do is get someone a bullhorn and say something like "The nazi our gone, everyone please disburse" instead they released tear gas into the crowd.

Then the riots broke out.

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