Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Game tap looking a little dry

About a month I listed an article about that mentioned the need for the video game industry to have new system for selling games. It was mentioned an online system where some could down load games maybe a good ideal.

so enters Gametap. For a monthly fee ($14.95) GAMETAP allows you to play any game in it library.

They already have a few big name companies putting their old games out on this system. Plus they are have gotten some media coverage (it was shown on G4's Attack of the show) and they already have media campaign (I saw a commercial for it a few days ago). So this may be an ideal that is poised to work.

I say may because looking at the games they have up right now there is much I want to play or at least seeing paying 15 bucks a month for when I could get them cheaper. This something I will I will keep an eye on because they are just starting out and so I am sure they will have many more games coming out for them.

Thought I am wondering about this system business model. How are the game developers making money from this site? Is gametap paying the companies a licensing fee, IE they pay the company x amount a month/year to have the games on the gametap site. Or maybe each game gets a percentage on the profits based on how many times it get played.

I mainly wonder about that because I wonder if this company's model would work for developers to make new games for GAME TAP.

At the moment it looks like a dumping ground companies to put up their old games. Which is cool since there is a market for those who would like to play those games. I know I would (it just like I stated above they don't have enough I want to play yet) but having new game would be a good draw for many people.

If the money is right I could see this system as a great way to smaller/medium developers to put out games in a market that is getting harsher and harsher on games that don't make it big in the stores.

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