Friday, October 14, 2005

Jack Thompson creates video games

Jack Thompson, a guy who has been a long time critic of the video game industry has said he will give $10,000 to the head of Take-Two Interactive (the distributors of GTA) Paul Eibeler's charity of choice if any game company makes a game in 2006 that follows his (Thompson) story line.

A teenager kills another teen because he played to many violent video games.

The father goes on a killing spree after trail of his son's murder.

The father goes to Take Two's offices and kills a lot of people as he is looking for Eibeler.

He then goes to Philly to kill the people that worked at the law firm Take Two uses.

With the FBI on his tail he attacks the Gamewerks chain of arcades.

Then the characters goes to chain stores where he kills the employee staff and bitches how they need to check ID's.

and then tops it off at E3 where the character goes and kills as many video game execs as he can.


All I have to say is PLEASE SOME VIDEO GAME COMPANY MUST MAKE THIS GAME. IF done right you'll get a tri-fector of raising money for a charity, making a game that is sure to get alot of publistity and it will piss Thompson of even more if someone actually made this game.

Also the E3 level will be a great level to jam as many spoof of the game industry as possible.

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