Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Tookie Williams dies

Stanley "Tookie" Williams was put to death today.

This is something I have mixed emotions about. I'm not for the death penalty, mainly for two reasons. First of which I don't care monstrous of an act someone does we are only going down to there level if we just kill them. We could just easily lock them a way for ever so they are not left out to harm people in society. Second is that the legal system is fallible and sometimes the wrong person goes to jail.

Now Tookie is far from innocent. Even if he didn't murder the four people he was convicted for as he says he didn't (note I am not saying he didn't, just that he claims to be innocent) he was a co-founder of the cripes gang. A group that has done there part to kill countless people.

But even though Tookie was far from being an angel, he did began to change his ways. Around 93 he started writing children books which themes where to teach kids not to follow in the same footstep he walked. He also brokered a peace between the gang he founded (the cripes) and the bloods.

And although these things don't make up for what he did, at least Mr. Williams is doing something that will help stop other form doing the same things he did. Which I think clear shows that he had more value to society alive then dead.

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