Monday, September 12, 2005

Gulf war III

It's been report that blackwater, a paramilitary company, has been hired by the both the Louisiana and US government to handle security in the NO region.

All I have to say is... IS THIS FOR REAL? And if so WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY THINKING?

I looks on their site and it seems to be real

Blackwater USA responds to the call for assistance in the Gulf

September 01, 2005
This morning (September 1, 2005),
Blackwater USA joined the ongoing relief effort in the Gulf Region devastated by
Hurricane Katrina by dispatching a SA-330J Puma helicopter to help assist in
evacuating citizens from flooded areas.
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Erik Prince stated, “At this time, all Americans should band together and assist
our countrymen who have been struck by this natural disaster.”
The following
services are available:
Airlift Services
Communication Support
Crowd Control
Humanitarian Support
Logistics and Transportation Services
Anyone having a security
or evacuation request may call(252) 435-2488. All requests shall be prioritized
and acted upon as quickly as possible.

These are the same people that have been hired in Iraq.

So has the united states declared war on the people in New Orleans?

Since this company is called blackwater and not whitewater does that say Bush does care about Blacks? I mean if he was racist he would have hired a company with a different name right? ok bad joke, but it does seem Bush is really trying to prove the Kanye was right

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