Friday, September 09, 2005


As I was watching one of the many news shows that are talking about hurricane Katrina and how/if it could have been prevented it was mentioned the effects of the lost wetland do to development play in this. Which was something I never really thought about.

As we lose more and more wetland we also loose a natural buffer that help lessen the amount and severity of hurricanes that come in. Which made me release as important it is for people to give as much as they can to help the victims of Katrina, we also need to be a little more aware about are wetlands and do what we can to help make sure they are still around.

The way I'm seeing is that we should do everything we can do to help the victims of Katrina but we should also do as much as we can to make it less likely that we'll have to go through something like this more often.

so I would like to point out these sites.

a click-charity site to help save marine wetlands, for those that don't know. Click charities are sponsored by advertisers that pay the charity for every click a website gets and so it doesn't cost us a thing (but time) to help out a cause.

and also America's Wetland, a charity that is looking for donations to help save the Louisiana wetlands.

If the counter on the America's Wetland site is true we are loosing a yard of wetland every second.

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