Thursday, September 08, 2005

Racist use Katrina as a fund raiser

I was listening to Rachel Maddow today where it was report that a number of websites such as, and a bunch of others, have been reported as being part of a white supremacy group.
Those sites are owned by Frank Weltner, the guy who also runs Jew Watch (which sadly is a site anti-semitism and not a cam girl site run by a Jewish girl)

Instead of giving the money to everyone that needs it they where only planning on giving it to white people. It a damn shame that someone would stoop so low and use an event like this to push their twisted means.

People where upset about the comment that Kanye West made was in bad taste but at least what he was trying to do was point out how race may have played a part in the way things had/have been unequally reported and the delayed response by FEMA. But at no point in time did he say only Black people should be helped out.

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