Wednesday, September 07, 2005

As I am sure every body reading this already knows that last week we had on of the the worst disaster to hit America.

This natural disaster was made worst due to the delayed response it took in rescuing people.

This has lead to many people to wonder what went wrong. This question is a very valid one but the response of those in charge was "hey this is not the time point fingers"

And while it is true that it is a time that we a human beings need to focus on trying to save the lives of the victims of the storm, there is no reason to let the guilty parties of the hook.

So you may ask "who should hold the blame for the failures of Katrina aftermath?"

Is it

Mayor Nagin?

Governor of Louisiana?


Michael Brown?

George W. Bush?

and the answer is simple yes.

This event took the combined efforts of a lot of people dropping the ball.

Locally it's been pointed out that Louisiana had a poor evaction plan for the poorer members of it society. There should have been something in place to pick up people that had noway of getting out of New Orleans to safety. Also better a commidation could have been made for those staying in that sport's dome.

But federally FEMA and it's heads also have a lot to be held responsiable for. The fact that it took so long to start any resuce effort is a shame. as news gets out about who Michael Brown is it becames more and more clear that he is NOT the person who should be the of FEMA. Maybe if we had some one that was QUIALFIED for the jop maybe we would have seen a timely reaction to the threat, instead of waiting days after the fact for any one to do any thing.

And finally there is our President. He also holds some repsoniality in the horrable out come of the Katrina disaster. First he appointed Brown to be head of FEMA, Brown had no experince what so ever in natural disasters. His old job was judging horses.

Next of the fact that that FEMA has been detoothed and placed under Home Land Security instead of being a cabinet level postion. Being part of Homeland security may not sound so bad but the fact that HLS current focus as been on terrorism that the focas on natural disasters took a lower priority.

And finally the fact that the federal goverment has cut the funding for building the levees also played a big part. The levees was not 100% finished due to that fact and that is why the big easy got flooded.

People allready knew that the there was an exterme chance that the levees would break

So all the reports of people (BUSH) saying that there was noway anyone could have seen it coming is full of B.S.

It is time for all of these people to take accountablity for what happen. They need to step up and be the leaders this country needs. They need to be F'ing men (and women) and stop being cowards running around for photo ops, so they can still look good to the american public.

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