Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Homeland security pedophile

Department of Homeland Security press secretary Brian Doyle was busted for having sexual contact to what he thought was a 14 year old girl.

Doyle sent the "girl" porn, naked pictures of himself (like a 14 year wants to see a nude 55 year old), and sexually explicit AIM's. Doyle also repeatedly ask the girl to by a webcam so he can see her things a little kid shouldn't be doing.

luckily for all the children in this nation this 14 year old girl was really a Polk County police detective.

Not only is this and the fact that Doyle kept bragging about his job to the girl he thought he was talking to bad enough this article took me a new level of shock (I didn't thing I could pass after reading about sir Doyle) when it stated this is the 2nd Homeland Security official to be caught having improper relations with a minor.


Why don't I remember hearing about the other guy (of course with all the scandals of people in high office these day I guess it's easy to miss one or two).

This really makes me wonder about the office culture of those who work in Homeland Security offices and who are they really protecting because it sure aint are kids.

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