Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Attack of the middle age racist on the boob tube

So I was watching Keith Olbermann on MSNBC where the host was talking to a guy (I didn’t catch his name or what he does) about Bush’s speech last night. Mainly they where talking about bush’s ideal of sending people to guard the American-Mexican broader.

Olbermann mentioned that a number of people in the reserve happen to be either decedents of illegal immigrants or they themselves may have been illegal immigrants in which it could be an interesting situation. And I’m sure that maybe an issue for a few.

But then Keith Olbermann guest states that it can be a problem because many of the people who will take the job would be those who are either unemployed or under-employed and that would be mostly Blacks and Latinos. This kind of perked my interested because I wonder why he thought it could be a problem, ok like I said maybe a problem for a some Latinos but not all of them and what would be the problem with African American? Then the guy turned around and said at least they aren’t going to be armed.

What the hell! Why is this guy so scared about of a bunch of Blacks and Latinos with guns. What does it matter the ethnic group of those who take the job, they are going to do same thing no matter their race. Should someone tell that guy the numbers of Blacks and Latinos working in fields that would give them access to arms such the military or police? Plus those that use there right to bare arms. I bet he would faint at the ideal that we would all them up and have a race war.

This just tops the fact that last week a guy on Fox News talking about people should go out and make babies because if they (YT) don’t America will be mostly minorities in 25 years. I’m having flashbacks of idiots screaming “we’re losing the country”…shutter.

Because of these two idiots I ask all minorities out there to go out and buys some guns and make some babies. And the White people that want to help out should find a any minority and make babies with them.


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