Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Paris Jackson smacks the world with reality of the King of Pop

I have some people state that they where displeased about Michael Jackson's daughter, Paris Jackson, speaking at her fathers memorial.

I feel these people are in bad taste.

1. it was her father's memorial she has much more right to be up their then half the people singing.

2. I think the real reason those who where upset about her speaking, where displeased because they have to come with the cold hard truth that Michael Jackson, even with all the crazy stories about him and his insane level of fame, was a human being that was also a dad.

we where all enjoying the acts that performed and the famous that gave speeches at MJJ's memorial. But it seems that some lost sight of the fact that Michael was a man and had a family that loved him and the tearful words of young Paris Jackson smacked that truth into the face of the world.