Wednesday, November 08, 2006

affirmative action is now banned in the glove state

that right affirmative action is gone in the state of Michigan.

I'm very depressed by this but not to shocked. Watching channel 7's numbers when they where counting the results it stated that the ban was in the lead. But most of what I saw was when less then 20% of the vote was counted.

with all the problems that may have been with a program like affirmative action it still did more good then it did bad. With it gone I fear things will slip to how they were in the 60's and earlier. when your looking for a job or applying for college you might begin to notice coloreds need not apply.

What you think I'm over blowing things?

I hope so.

But truth is are nation still has race issues.

Not to long ago there was a study that showed that people with Black sounding names are less likely to get job interviews to places they send their resumes then those with more White sounding names. EVEN WHEN THEY HAVE SIMILAR EXPERIENCES AND SKILLS.

and that's just one example.

and the ending of affirmative action doesn't just effect people of color, it will also have and effect on women.

Because this will also mean an end to programs that make sure females also get equal opportunities as males. let it be in school or in the work force.

and just racism hasn't ended in America so hasn't sexism. Or did the old boys network closed down recently and I didn't hear about it.

So this is all a bit ironic giving the fact that the person that was used as figured head for the ban was a white woman who felt the reason she didn't get into the university of Michigan was because of her race. Now she will less likely to get in because of her genitals.

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