Wednesday, November 08, 2006

people of the yac really do want to better the city

although I am still bummed about affirmative action being axed in Michigan I am glad to say that mileages on the ballot to help improve the city of Pontiac have passed.

These mileages where to increase police funding, money for senior citizens programs and to keep are crappy library open (and hopeful make it less crappy)

I wasn't sure about this because like affirmative action it looked like these mileages (with the expectation of the senior citizens one) would not be supported by the voting public.

But it looks like a millage to fund programs for youth might not pass which is sad. But fits into my theory that people really hate kids. oh yeah we say we like them and want them to have a better future but collectively we F*** them over every chance we get.

if that millage doesn't pass I think that will be a reason why

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