Wednesday, September 19, 2007

This is the first of a news series of post I am going to be running on this blog looking at ads. More precisely, I will be talking about and dissecting them and more then likely do a bit of mocking…ok a lot of mocking

The first up is this ad that appeared in an issue of the comic book Flash with the print date of January 02, for Starburst candy.

Ok after reading the ad I guess we are supposed to think that this young lady rammed a bunch of starburst in her mouth. But looking at the picture and I am not sure about that.

This girl looks like she has gone mad. Just look at her eyes. It is clear that this young woman has gone mad. Now the question is did she go mad and just rammed a fist full of Starburst in her mouth or does Starburst candy drive people insane. If the later I’m just going to stick to Now & Laters.

But honestly the first thing I thought when I saw her eyes, is that this is the face a sheer terror. Did she really just try to eat a handful of Starburst or did someone forced them down her throat. That’s right I think this poor girl was really flogged to death. I don’t know why a company would run this ad in a comic book no less but it is clear that someone forced feed Starburst to this girl to the point that they just spill out of her.

Because of this ad I haven’t bought a pack of starburst for over 5 years. Sure if someone offers me a piece I may take it but I can’t spend money on a company that places snuff ads in comics.

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