Friday, August 10, 2007

What to do about the horror at Dunbar Village

I don’t know if you have heard of the news story about a woman that was gang raped by a bunch of teenagers and then made to perform oral sex on her own son. It wasn’t a story that really made a splash in the national news, because there where other stories that the media thought where more important such as Paris Hilton going to jail, Nichol Richie being with child, Mick Vick cruelty to animals, etc.

But the story has been talked about on the web and has sparked much outrage. And rightfully so. The horror of this story doesn’t end with the fact that this woman and her son where raped, but continues with the fact that none of her neighbors cared enough to lift a hand to help her. They did nothing, no one came to her rescue will she was being raped, no called the police or called an ambulance for her. She and her son had to walk to the nearest hospital, even with the fact that they had bleach poured into their eyes.

One would think this is the type of event that would spark outrage in it community but as stated the people in Dunbar Village couldn’t seem to careless. The people of that community have been dealing with such a high crime rate that many have seemed to have lost their humanity.

Reading the articles that quoted people saying things like “so what a woman got raped, crime happens here all the time” shocked me nearly as much as the crime itself.

Luckily as I stated earlier even if the people living the Dunbar Village projects are outrage enough to do anything to either help this woman or to make sure things like this doesn’t happen again there are people on the net that have decided to try and do something about this.

Well at least one person the net is. The woman running blog has started a campaign to try and get people that are either seen as or call themselves leaders of the black community to pick up the cause on this event.

I commented on her blog that I think that there are better ways to try and do something about this besides trying to get these guys on board to do something. In fact she has a list of leaders and ways to contact them or their orgs. Maybe it’s just me but I think that to many people think that only these people are in a position to help the black community, and over look are on power.

I didn’t know at the time I made the comment what else should be done but after sometime thinking about it have thought of a few more things to do beside trying to get the leaders to take action (and try to get other people to do something)

First of after I thought about it is a good ideal to contact the Black leaders, but that is only a start.

Second I think we should also contact our local congress person and asked them to reinstate funding for the security of are nations housing projects.

3rd contact the media about this story. The media covers stories that they think will get them ratings (it’s why we get so many stories about celebrities) if they know we want to hear about this story they will cover it more. If the story is in the news a lot people (including the black leaders) might be more likely to take action

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