Thursday, August 02, 2007

The economy how does it still stand

The other day I saw reports saying that customer confidence has been on the raise. Which puzzles me, giving that last week the stock market had such a huge drop, the prices of goods have gone up and let’s not talk about gas and milk. And there is also the job market which (at least where I am at) is horrible.

Ok the stock market dive is a recent event and wouldn’t effect the people in that study. In fact the stock market has been doing really well even though much of the gains where whipped out last week. But the other factors would still be in play.

Maybe someone out in the wonderful world of the internet can’t tell me what everyone else sees that makes them think the economy is good that I don’t.

Giving that that value of the dollar and hence are economy is based so much on what people think I wonder what the future well hold. Well the economy have a big down turn because people look at the stock market, all the new homeless people that lost their homes because they couldn’t pay their sub-prime mortgage, sky rocketing prices on consumer goods and staples like food, milk and gas. Or well we be able to keep the economy going by people doing what they have been doing for some time…say the economy is doing great so people feel like everything is good and spend, spend, spend.

Of course I think the by the time the next report on consumer confidence comes out I think the raise in the minimum wage should be in effect and maybe people well fell good about the economy for a reason I can understand…they’ll have a little more money in their pockets then they did during the last study.

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