Sunday, August 05, 2007

Why are small business over looked in plans to rebound economies?

Nearly half of American jobs in the private sector are with small companies. Yet it seems when states to small towns are trying to are trying to find something to save their economy they don’t look to build or help small business they look to bring an outside source either giving deals to big companies or building a prison.

In fact when certain types of big business come are many local business end up going out of business. For example Wall-Mart causes a lot of mom and pop stores to close, Starbucks takes out local coffee shops even McDonald’s shut down local eateries.

And with the cause of Wallmart the jobs don’t really pay that well. And by not paying well I not talking about it pays enough to get by but I wish I had a little more so I can get some cool stuff. I’m talking about people working but still need welfare to help them make it.

It doesn’t really make sense since one would think that the smartest thing to do is pass laws that will help the little guy thrive.

Of course it doesn’t have to be an either/or. If a town/city/state is looking to boost it’s economy by trying to woo big companies in prisons they should make sure that they have it in place that they will only allow the company or prison to operate if they have to help local small business in someway. For example a prison should be made to get 50% of their supplies from local companies, etc.

Along with more and more people spending more of their money at local small business this could really be something that could be a real catalyst to bring economies to big heights. Because the economy wont just increase because local business have a good deal with what ever the out side source is (nor the fact that that source will should also hire local people.) But the fact that those business and the people working in them (and the people working at the big companies/prison complex/whatever) will have more income (or more people will have income) to spend. If spent local that just means an increase of revenue for small business.

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