Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Gov. Granholm takes over the city of Pontiac

My hometown of Pontiac, MI has been going through financial troubles for a while now.

Well now it is seen to be so bad that Jennifer Granholm has declared the city a state of emergency and may appoint someone to manage the cities assets.

shocking, but honestly I doubt they can run things worst then the people in charge of the city already are.

The mayor of Pontiac says
“We weren’t aware we were in any special trouble,”

he also thinks the city will have a $5 to $7 million deficit next year.

Hey Mayor Philips I think that is a sign that the city is in trouble!

maybe having special attention from the governor could be a good thing for the city. as the state tries to turn it self around, maybe we will be seen as one of the key places needed for improvement.

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