Sunday, September 11, 2011

Any one else tired of all this 9 11 stuff?

I know I was.   Now this isn't to say  I don't think we should be talking about what happened, it's just that for over the past two weeks 9/11 was really heavily covered.   Hopefully next time they wont start talking about 9/11 so soon so people don't get 9/11 fatigue.

But looking back on what I have seen so far this remembrance of this tragedy was handled a lot better then I fear it might have being the tenth anniversary of that horrible day.  I fear we would be bombard with people trying to cash in on the tragic event.  I fear that we would be seeing commercials for things like 9/11 plates or gold coins.

I also feared that we would see an increase of hate toward people that happened to be Arabs and or Muslims.  But from what I can tell that hasn't happened (or at least it hasn't increase form what ever the average level of hate we have seen over the last few years)

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