Monday, September 12, 2011

wait I can no longer watch CBC or TVO but I now can watch CTV?

I live in a state close enough to Canada that I used to be able to watch some Canadian channels.  That was until this month when the country finally made the switch to DTV and I no longer can watch many of the Canadian channels I used to watch (and by many I mean 2, CBC and TVO)

Now I don't know if the reason I can no longer watch those stations is either because things are set up so one can watch station in different countries (could be but I believe USA and Canada are using the same type of DTV format) or if I am no longer in range of those stations' signal (the Digital signal covers a shorter distance then analogue did)

But the odd thing is I just found out that CTV is still broadcasting an analogue signal and that I can actually get it (I don't remember being able to get it before)  

From what I can tell CTV pretty much just plays mosty American shows, where as CBC and TVO had more Candian programs.  What this means is I am losing a lot of things I only could see on those station and getting a station where I can see shows that I can watch else where : (

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